What Accessories Are Needed for a Hot Tub

There are lots of Jacuzzi hot tub accessories out there. In fact, there is a whole side market of spa-related products that exists to serve the spa or hot tub owner. But knowing which spa and hot tub accessories are vital to having a spa and which ones you can probably live without can be challenging. That’s why we have created this list of five vital accessories that you must have for your hot tub.

Everyone has something different that they want to get out of their hot tub. Some people want to relax in the summer or winter in wonderful hot water, others use the jets and therapy sprays to ease aching muscles and others want a place for their kids to play. Whatever your reason for getting a hot tub, there are outdoor hot tub accessories to make your hot tub better.

There are obviously different kinds of spas out there from the plug-n-play models to the expensive and permanent installation hot tubs. There are also inflatable hot tubs on the market that are very inexpensive. Just as with the case with the hot tubs themselves, there are inflatable hot tub accessories and portable hot tub accessories out there.

Introduction To Hot Tub Accessories

There are various types of hot tub accessories out there. Some of them may actually come included with your hot tub and some of them are going to have to be purchased separately.

There are also various categories of hot tub accessories like the tools that you use to maintain your hot tub and keep the water clean and of the correct chemical composition.

Then there are accessories that really have nothing to do with maintenance at all, but are still very useful items that any hot tub owner should have. What we have done is come up with a list of the ten most important hot tub accessories that are out there. You can look for some of them to be included with your hot tub, but you may also have to buy some separately. Let’s get started.

10 Hot Tub Accessories

And here they are:​

The Hot Tub Cover

Number one on our list is the hot tub cover. A hot tub cover protects your hot tub from the elements and keeps out things like insects, animals, twigs, snow and a lot more.

Your hot tub cover also keeps the heat in which means that you don’t have to spend as much money heating up your hot tub when you want to use it.

Blue BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover and Spa Cover

The Hot Tub Step

You should also consider getting a step for your hot tub. Some tubs are a little high to climb into easily, and this is especially true for kids. But a stair step will allow you to get in much easier.

Just make sure that you choose one with grip because it can be easily to slip with bare feet on the wrong step. It’s better to stick with ones that are designed for spas especially.

The Hot Tub Filter

Your filter keeps debris, bacteria and dirt from hanging out in the water. You want your water to be as clean as possible and that’s where a filter comes in. They do have to be maintained but only about once per year.

The Chlorine Dispenser

You probably should have a chlorine dispenser as part of your hot tub. The problem is, because of the heat in hot tubs, the chlorine does not work nearly as well in hot tubs as it does in pools. That’s why you need a continual dispenser of chlorine while you are soaking in your tub.

Test Strips & Chemicals

You are going to need to maintain the pH balance of your hot tub and that means having the right chemicals to keep that balance as well as 3-way test strips to check them in the first place.

Some of the chemical items you will need include: Bromine Tablets, pH Plus, Alkalinity Plus or pH Balance, Demineralizer or Metal Out, Spa Shock and Leisure Time Enzyme.


You are going to need to check the temperature of your water before you get in and a thermometer is the way to do that accurately. Your spa may already come with one included with the heater but if not you will have to get one separately.

Polar Bear Pool Thermometer

Spa Cleaning Products

You may need a spa vacuum, net, spa wax and anything else that you want to use to keep your spa looking great inside and out.


Installing lighting around your spa is vital but some spas even have LED light shows under the water. These color changing lights can make your spa time even more relaxing.

Spa Gazebo

You may want to keep your spa under a roof. This will prevent debris a little, but it will definitely help keep the snow off.

Luxury Items

You may also want some spa accessories like floating pillows, or cushions to sit on. You can also get small floating trays that will allow you to keep a beverage right next to you as you enjoy your spa.

Two mSpa Filters

My Recommendation

My recommendation when it comes to hot tub accessories is that you try to make sure that as many of these accessories are included in your hot tub purchase to begin with. That’s for two very important reasons!

First, your hot tub is probably going to be about the same price with the accessories as you would find without it, and getting the right accessories is going to be expensive.

Second, because some of these accessories may be difficult to find for a particular hot tub. For example, a hot tub cover should be customized to the dimensions and other design factors of the hot tub itself.