Are Hot Tub Cover Lifters Worth It

A well-maintained spa is a hot tub that has care and is looked after lasts you for many years and with the best hot tub accessories, this should not be too difficult and won’t take up too much of your time.

But there is another home spa matter besides maintenance that needs addressing. We cannot forget how important overwintering a hot tub is for its durability but also for energy efficiency and savings.

Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy

Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters

A spa can require quite some energy to keep the water warm but fortunately, there are several products and ways that we can manage energy consumption. Good insulation is an essential element of keeping energy efficient and a hot tub lid is the best way to prevent heat loss.

To help you find the best cover lift for your hot tub or spa, we have reviewed the best hot tub cover lifters and hot tub outdoor and indoor covers available online today. What are you waiting for? Let us help your spa become more energy-efficient and well maintained.

1. Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy

Where some options for a spa cover lift solution leave the lid with different degrees of angle on the side, this luxury lift for hot tub covers comes with a specially designed caddy to hold the lid. So if you are looking for a lifter that suits an octagonal spa or maybe you want a round hot tub cover lift then this is one for you.

It is an under-mount construction that uses the weight of the spa for its support. This spa cover lifter features a gas spring assisted lift which makes it extra easy to use.

The caddy height is adjustable so that it takes minimal effort to get out of the way. The caddy range is between 30 and 40 inches so you can match the height of the caddy to the height of the spa. Installation is also super simple since this is so versatile and fits any model.

Why We Liked it

  • Universal to fit all spa shapes
  • Hot tub cover lift installation is simple with no assembly
  • Includes adjustable caddy
  • Spring-assisted

2. Spa Depot The Slider Spa Cover No-Lift Remover & Storage System

Although this review is not actually a for spa cover lifter more for the full support so you do not have to take the lid completely off. This is a fantastic innovation at a very affordable price so we highly recommend it if you would like to stay within a budget. This side mount option is suitable for all tub sizes and great for those of you that have hot tub cover round or octagonal shaped.

Don’t worry, it is still very user-friendly. All that it requires is for the attachment of the two support bars onto the side of the spa and its ready to use. These are the folding arms that act as a platform then place the lid on and roll out of the way.

Do note that the lid remains on a platform so there is no lifting, but this does that it requires an opening of at least 32 inches, and to enable the supports to be folded back down the spa also needs to be at least 32 inches in height. The big advantage of this is that it can be installed on any type of hot tub of any shape.

Why We Liked it

  • Universal for any style of spas
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy to use

3. Ultcover 600D Square Outdoor Spa Cover

If your spa is outside all year round then you might want to protect it fully from everything that winter can throw at it, maybe you have animals that like to sleep on the unit.

What you need is a sturdy weather-resistant full-cover to protect the overall unit and this design by Ultcover is made of very thick and strong 600D polyester canvas that is UV-resistant and keeps out any kind of moisture including rain, snow, and hail.

At the same time, it prevents wind lofting with the structured vents on the sides which can also be adjusted whenever necessary. In short, this is one of the strongest winter full-covers you can buy, and with a 3-year warranty, you know you are getting durability and quality.

Why We Liked it

  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Perfect for colder climates
  • Easy to install and adjust

4. Cover Captain Hydraulic Spa Cover Lifter and Caddy

If you would prefer to have one of the spa cover lifters to do the heavy lifting for you then this Cover Captain design is exactly what you need.

This is yet another simple under-mount structure and comes with hydraulics to minimize the effort required. It also has a side caddy that keeps the cover off the ground to avoid any damage and keep it clean.

These hot tub lifts are suitable for any hot tub shape and won’t stress or rip the center hinge. Made with heavy-duty powder-coated steel this is rust resistant and a long-lasting product.

Why We Liked it

  •  Universal
  • Easy installation
  • Caddy included
  • Hydraulic

5. Prestige Spa Replacement Spa Cover

Prestige Spa Covers is an American brand that has been in the business for nearly 30 years. All their products are made with marine-grade vinyl and polystyrene inserts for optimal heat insulation and durability.

This particular model measures at 84 x 84 inches with 6-inch radius corners. It is a safe design that comes with a set of keys for the locking tie-downs so that no one can get into your hot tub without your knowledge.

Why We Liked it

  • Tie-down locks with keys
  • Durable material
  • UV-resistant

6. Smart Spa Supply Cover One Top Mount Lift

SmartSpa is an extremely popular manufacturer that is known for its reliability and fantastic customer service. This high-quality product is made of polycarbonate and fiberglass. The roller has been designed to fight rust and last from season to season.

Is super easy to install and use. It fits rectangle and square-shaped spas and requires half an inch the width of your cover behind the spa. The cover lift has been designed to fold and roll. The 4 rollers on each arm make it super easy to take off and on, so you can spend more time in your jacuzzi and less time faffing around.

Why We Liked it

  • Very easy to use
  • Top-quality material
  • Long-lasting product

7. Cover Valet CV250 Spa Lifter

The extensive research that this company has done has resulted in this top-quality CV250. It is a dual gas spring assisted option with pneumatic pistons that allow for effortless lid removal.

It only requires a clearance of as little as 4 – 6 inches which is perfect for when you have limited space surrounding the hot tub. It mounts on the edge of the spa or directly unto the deck but is quick to install.

Why We Liked it

  • Minimal clearance required
  • 5-year warranty
  • Dual gas-assisted
The Slider Spa Cover No-Lift Remover & Storage System for Hot Tub

Tips for Why You Need a Hot Tub Lid Lifter

Many spas are delivered with a lid as an extra accessory but, these are often quite thin. The thicker it is the better the insulation and for this reason, it is well worth considering getting a thicker version.

However, installing a thicker lid on your home hot tub presents a different issue. These are heavier and require a bit of strength to take them off the top.

That is why we would recommend a cover lifter for hot tubs to anyone. These simple devices are easy to install and make sure you no longer have to strain yourself before being able to soak in your spa.

After all, having a home spa is all about relaxation so why not make it a calming experience before you even step inside? Cut out the hassle of removing a lid without compromising on insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, that’s it our best ideas for hot tub cover lifters, covers, and even winter outdoor-covers. We hope that this has given you plenty of information concerning what you need to make your life in the hot tub spa as easy as possible and also protect your unit while it sits outside.

What is the best hot tub cover lifter?

The best tot tub cover lifters listed in the reviews above give a variety of styles from mounted to under-mount options. We feel that the under-mount with caddy is the best overall for both use and ease of installation.

How does a hot tub cover lift work?

Hot tub lifters take all the work out of removing the cover from your spa. So how does the hot tub cover lift work?

The bar of the lifter is placed onto one half of the lid/cover and the other half folded back onto it, the lifter can then be lifted back while holding the lid in place. This can be assisted with the aid of a spring but even if it is not it saves any struggling with the size of the cover.

Do I need a hot tub cover lifter?

Do you struggle with your cover when you want to use your spa? Then yes you will need a hot tub cover lifter, it will take all that effort away and after your soak, you don’t have the same effort all over again.