Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It

Considering it is something that we all need on a daily basis, water is really important. Not all homes will provide you with safe drinking water, which might have led you to look for an alternative solution.

It is often surprising to find out about the things that are hiding in our water sources, and we can understand why you might be looking for access to better water.

It is no secret that tap water isn’t always as safe as we think it is, which is why you might have considered getting a whole house water filter for your home.

Nobody wants to have to go through their lives drinking unsafe water and using it for other things like bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Sometimes, filtered water is the safest option.

Thankfully, there are lots of options available when it comes to water filtration, and you can get your hands on a whole house water filter system that will be able to provide you with safer water.

In this article, we are going to talk you through the advantages of a whole house filter, so you can find out a whole house filter system is worth it.

What is a Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filtration system will provide you with everything that you need in terms of safe water. It will work to remove whichever contaminants that you want it to eliminate from your home water supply.

In addition to this, depending on where you live, you can also use these filtration systems to reduce the hardness of the water, get rid of any unwanted sediment, and even eliminate the smell of chlorine.

There are lots of different types of whole house filtration systems, but there is typically one that will solve whatever problem you are facing.

When Should You Use a Whole House Water Filter?

There are many different reasons that could lead to you wanting to get your hands on a whole house water filter, and they are typically designed for larger households.

For those that live in smaller places like apartments, this might not be the best investment for you. We are going to list some of the reasons why you might need to get a whole house water filter below, so you can see if this applies to you.

Contaminated Tap Water

Contaminated Tap Water

If your tap water is contaminated, then we can understand why you might be looking for a new system. This could be contamination due to sediments, chlorine, fluoride, and more, but a whole house water filter will be able to get rid of all of these contaminants at once.

The majority of these whole house filter systems will have multiple stages to them that will work towards filtering out different things. So, no matter the problem you are facing, a filter will be able to remove these contaminants from your water supply.

Larger Households

If you are living in a larger household, there are many places where you can apply this water filtration system to get the most use out of your new investment.

However, smaller apartments and such may not reap the benefits as much, and would likely be much better off getting individual filters for specific places.

You Need Multiple Filters for a Variety of Water Outlets

If there are lots of places in your home that would require a filter, then it isn’t going to be simple for you to get an individual filter for each and every individual water outlet.

This is where whole house filtration systems can come in handy, as they will work to filter all of the water that enters your home. This would provide you with filtered water at every outlet.

What Will a Whole House Filter Get Rid Of?

The majority of whole house filters will be able to filter out sediments with sizes of up to 0.35 microns.

Others will be made to remove things like chlorine, iron, and heavy metals. There are also some systems that feature a water softener, UV light purifier, and other additional features that can really make a difference.

One of the best ways to know exactly what you need is to get your water tested to find out what is in it. This way, you can find out exactly what type of water filter you need to get in order to remove the things that are present in the water.

There is no point in splashing out on a super expensive water filtration system that does absolutely everything if you don’t actually need it.

Are Whole House Filters Worth It?

In comparison to the individual filters that you can get for certain outlets around your house, the whole house water filter is definitely worth it.

They will work to supply your entire home with water that is safe and free from contaminants, so you can be sure that all of your water is safe for use and drinking.

Whole house water filters are especially useful if you rely on water from a well as you are going to need a good filtration system that will be able to remove things like sediments, rust, chemicals, heavy metals, and microorganisms.

A filtration system will be able to protect both your health and your household appliances, and it will definitely be worth the costs associated with it. Check out our in-depth review of our recommended whole house filter here.

However, you should always get your water tested before you go out and buy a filter system just to check that you do need one in the first place.

Types of Whole House Water Filters

There are five main different types of whole house water filters, and these include water softeners, ultraviolet purification systems, sediment filters, carbon filters, and acid neutralizers.

These filters will all target different issues, so the one you need will depend on the problems you are facing. Testing your home water is going to be the best way to find out which one you need, as they will test for lots of different things.

You can use the results to make the best decision.