Which Are the Best Automatic Hot Tub Chemical Dispenser

Gone are the days when sanitizing your pool or keeping your hot tub clean had to be a cleaning task that required days of advance planning. You don’t need detergent, or spray bottles or liquid solutions, in fact, no fancy equipment, today spa cleaning solutions to kill any bacteria entail just three quick steps.

Purchase the hot tub chemical dispensing equipment, pop in the chemical tablets, and simply drop the spa chemical dispenser in the inflatable hot tub or pool. However, like most other things, this entire process is easier listed than done. The real task, though, is finding the right equipment for the job and the best floating pool chemical dispensing unit.

With a hundred different sellers having products that are promising the same thing, filtering out the useless can be difficult. More so, when there are so many fancy dispensers available at a competitive price.

Top 10 Hut Tub Chemical Dispensers and Monitor

While these products come in many shapes and sizes, and some have a thermometer included to make using spa and pool thermometers easy and also avoid having two pieces of equipment floating in your hot tub.

Most hot tubs will come with a pool chemical kit for testing the Ph levels, but the next question you need to answer if you don’t already know, is what are the best hot tub chemicals to use for your cleaning supplies?

At the end of the day, blue and white, or shaped like a duck, every person’s ultimate goal is to pick an automatic pool chemical dispenser that provides good value for the price and items that will last. So let’s take a look at our Top 10 pre-measured chemical dispensers.

1. Daveyspa Pool Supply Floating Chemical Dispenser

The first of these items is the Daveyspa is one of the more popular brands in and around the US. These floating pool chlorine tablet dispensers are the quality that you would expect so you can rest assured about the durability and the results you get along with an affordable price.

Designed in the standard blue and white colors, this chemical dispenser has a diameter of about 7 inches and a collapsible tablet tank. The unit can hold up to five 3’’ tablets making it that much easier to maintain your hot tub or spa.

The presence of 15 adjustable vents means that the right amount of chemical will be released as the unit floats across the spa or pool. We love this feature of this dispenser as it requires less frequent top-up.

You can replace the tabs as and when needed or remove them from the hot tub when you are using it. Simply open the cover, add the tabs, adjust the outlet, and pop back into the pool or hot tub.

2. Cclear Pool Supply Pool Dispensing Floater

Cclears’ containers are another option that will help you get your cleaning chemical into your pool while giving your complete control.

It is made from heavy-duty materials that have been known to outperform other brands and competitors and are guaranteed to keep floating year after year!

This version is filled with foam and has a strong and adjustable twist-lock cap that helps prevents any of the chemicals from falling out and staining the bottom of your hot tub or swimming pool or becoming a danger for little ones.

This chemical dispenser is designed to holds 1 to 3-inch tabs. Since it is circular and weighted, the unit will not turn over and it will never sink and is a product that has durability, a good product at a good price.

3. GAME 8000 Derby Duck

The one problem a lot of the products on the market is that they are plain blue and white designed to not stand out. Honestly, they are boring. This version of GAME’s Derby Duck is just so much more fun for a piece of essential equipment. 

This spa water dispenser can hold up three 1 inch tabs. One of the more unique things about this product is that it tilts or tips over when it’s empty so no worrying about having to check all the time.

The basket is expandable so you can adjust the size for appropriate distribution and dilution. You can also adjust the rate of release to ensure pool chemical levels are kept correct by simply twisting the duck.

And if you are super impressed with this duck-like design, you’ll be pleased to know that GAME has also designed a pool thermometer to match. So you can have two bobbing ducks in your hot tub or pool.

4. Life Deluxe Spa & Pool Chemical Dispenser

Another on our list that isn’t made in white and blue is from Life Deluxe is a nice-looking gray.

It has an adjustable chamber that controls the dilution rate and uses 1-inch tabs that will keep your hot tub sparkling bacteria-free, clean, and safe.

What we love about this option is that it has a fully adjustable flow and erosion control and that it comes with a tie string for easy reach making it ideal for pool and hot tub maintenance.

It also features easy access to enable you to refill without having to readjust the feeder or fully unwind the stem.

5. U.S. Pool Supply Floating Chemical Dispenser

If you have been to the US, you have definitely heard about U.S. Pool Supply and know that it is one of the more reliable brands. U.S. Pool Supply is one of the top sellers of not only hot tub supplies but also a pool, spa, and hot tub accessories amongst other things.

Four and a half inches in diameter, the unit also features a thermometer and a collapsible tank. The thermometer has been molded into the side and can read temperatures from 0° to 50° C.

The reading on the thermometer will tell you if it is suitable for you or not. The collapsible tank can hold up to five 1 inch tabs.

Like the other versions on the list, this one too allows you to control the chemical delivery via a control ring. You get a one year warranty from U.S Pool Supply on the products.

6. WWD Mini Floating Dispensing Unit

The WWD mini float is the smallest on our list. Measuring 3x3x3 inches and is perfect for kiddie pools, hot tubs, and spas, please note that this is too small for use in main pools as it could easily be taken in by the skimmers and filter system that would cause problems with the pumps.

If you are in the market for items that get the job done without costing you too much in price, this is the one for you. This option has adjustable vents for the distribution of chemicals and is a quick and easy way to have a cleaning treatment for your hot tub.

7. JED Pool Tool’s Floating Dispenser

What’s cooler than ducks in your hot tub or swimming pool? Shark fins, obviously. The JED Pool Tool’s option is shaped like a shark fin so have a bit of fun and keep your hot tub or spa interesting.

With a holding capacity of 2-4 tabs of 1-inch or 3-inch. While the other products have a screw-on cap, JED Pool Tool’s pre-measured chemical dispensers have screw-on containers for ease of replenishing the chemicals in your hot tubs water supply.

When you first get the unit, you will notice 8 marks on the side of the canister. These marks can be poked or punched with a sharp object to create an inlet and an outlet for the chemical allowing for just the amount of liquid in for the size of your spa or pool. If you have any doubts check the handbook of your hot tub for the pool chemical guide.

The instructions in the manual provided will help you figure out what exactly to do. The shark fin will tip over when the tabs have completely or mostly dissolved so another of the products that don’t need to be checked on every day.

8. GAME Solar Light-Up Tablet Chlorine Dispenser

GAME offers another of the fun and whimsical items with this solar shark. Just like the duck one, this also features a screw-on cap that will lock the chemicals inside and out of reach of children.

This is in fact a solar-powered chlorine dispenser for both hot tubs and pools. The panels charge the LED lights to provide 8 hours of brilliant lights for your hot tub.

We love the fact that this shark design also has a twin pool thermometer option, for those looking to complete this Sharkey set. GAME has designed a further 7 different options, from bright orange Nemo to funky pineapples.

Made to last for years without losing its purpose this chemical dispenser is perfect for both above-ground and in-ground chlorinated pools and hot tubs of multiple sizes.

9. Daveyspa Dispensing Unit with Thermometer

Another unit that will keep your hot tub treated without incurring a huge cost is this Daveyspa’s dispensing unit with a thermometer. Using Daveyspa’s option, you can ensure that just the right amount of chemical is dissolved.

The in-built thermometer will provide you with an accurate temperature reading and combined with the adjustable bottom vents, this product will give you complete control over the chemical feed rate.

Whether you want to use 1-inch tabs or 3-inch tabs, this is designed to work well and ensure that your pool system remains safe, sparkling and clean.

10. U.S. Pool Supply Collapsible Dispensing Unit

As we said earlier, the U.S. Pool Supply manufacturers a complete range of accessories, toys, and tools that will help you enjoy your pool or hot tub. This collapsible model from its collection of dispensing units is one of those accessories.

At 5×4.5 inches, this is arguably small and as such, ideal for smaller pools such as your hot tub. You can insert up to five 1-inch tabs.

You can control the dilution rate by adjusting the control ring. This way, you can clean the pool without making it too toxic for yourself.

Even though manufacturing defects are a rare occurrence, you can sleep soundly after buying as U. S. Pool Supply provides a full one year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, there you are from funny to blue and white that blend in our top 10 dispensing units. We hope that you have found one that you like. When you purchase one of these you will be able to throw out that spray bottle along with the liquids and solutions because when you use a chemical dispenser you will never need to scrub the walls and floor of your hot tub again the controlled level of chemicals will keep it sparkling and safe.

To help you even further in your search for the best chemical dispensers for your hot tub or pool, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about them.

What is chemical dispenser for pool?

When you have a pool the best way to ensure it is bacteria-free and clear is to use a floating pool chemical dispenser. You just put chlorine or bromine tablets in the unit and as they dissolve they will slowly release the chemical solutions into the pool or hot tub and the pumps do the rest by distributing evenly as the filtration system does it work.

How to use a chlorine chemical dispenser?

The easiest way to keep your hot tub chemical level correct is to use a floating chlorine chemical dispenser, all you have to do is pop the chlorine tablets into the container and pop it into the pool to float slowly around, and as the tablets dissolve you get a dilution of chemicals being slowly released.