Which Are the Best Intex Portable Hot Tubs

Intex is one of the best brands of portable hot tubs. Not only does this brand offer great products with a great style they also have great specs for an amazing price with good customer support.

One of the benefits of the Intex hot tubs is that maintenance is minimal compared to permanent installations. The most important part of any maintenance is checking and buying chemicals for your inflatable tub but besides that, there are few chores.

Home spas not only give you a spa experience for the enjoyment they are good for your health as they offer relaxation, soothe muscle aches, and can even help with certain skin conditions. Thanks to the new Intex inflatable tub designs they have become much more accessible, and a luxury that you can afford to have in your own backyard.

Don’t have time to read our full review right now? No worries! Here are our top 3 from our Intex portable hot tub reviews that we think you will like.

Best Intex Inflatable Hot Tubs According to Needs

Need a way to indulge yourself at home? Find the best model for your needs with these Intex hottub reviews and enjoy your new favorite calming pastime in your own backyard with your Intex inflatable spa.

Bestseller: Intex PureSpa Portable Massage Set

1. Bestseller: Intex PureSpa Portable Massage Set

Seating Capacity6 persons
Diameter85 in
Height28 in
Water Capacity290 gallons
Water Temperature Range68°F – 104°F
Hard Water SystemYes
Insulated CoverYes
Storage BagYes

Starting off with the Intex Pure spa plus reviews with the 6 person inflatable hot tubs model that is their most popular. This is a large 85-inch model that comfortably fits 6 people and comes with all the bells and whistles that you would want from it.

Monitor and adjust every aspect such as temperature, jets, and flow rate using the simple push button and clear control panel display. This is fixed to the side of the spa at a slightly higher level than the tub itself for ease of use while you are enjoying your Intex PureSpa bubble massage.

Just because it is an inflatable tub, does not mean that it is made of lesser quality. The PureSpa uses Fiber-Tech Construction that is stronger than vinyl yet still lightweight – this helps keep a sturdier shape without compromising on portability.

The inner basin has a water capacity of 290 gallons and the heater offers a water temperature range between 68°F – 104°F. It features 140 bubble jets so there is plenty of sensation to relax sore muscles when you take the opportunity of having the Intex Pure Spa bubble massage.

Note that the minimum air temperature must be at least 50°F for the unit to be able to reach its maximum temperature. Once it has reached your ideal temperature preference the insulated ground cloths and insulating covers help prevent heat loss and keep the temperature steady.

Do you live in an area with hard water, as is common in most of the US? Don’t worry because the PureSpa has a built-in hard water system that softens it and makes it kinder to your skin. It works because the treatment system creates an electromagnetic field that causes calcium and other minerals to suspend and that enables the filtration system to capture the unwanted mineral crystals.

As mentioned, maintenance on portable spas is much easier and that is also the case with this model. Included in the package are the Intex hot tub accessories of replaceable S1 Intex hot tub filter cartridge and a floating chemical dispenser – these two elements should keep the spa top-notch for both cleanliness and safety.

Want to move the PureSpa from your patio to another area? That is easily done thanks to hand-carry handles on the sides of the unit. You can even take the PureSpa with you to your summer house with the provided carry bag. The bag also functions as your compact winter storage bag for when you need to stow it away for a longer period of time.

All in all, everything you would expect from this brand of products.

Why We Liked it

  • Fiber-Tech Construction makes it more durable and sturdy
  • Simple control panel
  • Hard water system
  • Highly portable and easy compact storage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Affordable Price

6 Persons: Pure Spa Plus Inflatable Bubble Spa

2. Best for 6 Persons: Pure Spa Plus Inflatable Bubble Spa

Seating Capacity6 persons
Diameter85 in
Height28 in
Water Capacity290 gallons
Water Temperature Range68°F – 104°F
Hard Water SystemYes
Insulated CoverYes
Storage BagYes

This model option is similar to the bestseller mentioned in our list for the number of people but has the added luxury of inserted non-slip seats in the same color scheme as the rest of the tub. This insertable seat gives you a little extra height, between 3 – 5.8 inches, and comes with a comfortable headrest for even better relaxation.

Setup is simple and only takes about 20 minutes. The tub self-inflates so all you need is a bit of patience, no difficult steps required. This model also has the Fiber-Tech Construction that the PureSpa massage set has. This means that it is made with superior quality materials that are stronger and tougher to help keep its shape better – the tub won’t sink in when you sit at its edge.

Another similar feature that this brand offers on this model is the hard water treatment system which in combination with the replaceable filters that catch and filter out minerals like calcium so that it is gentler on the skin and so provides you with a more soothing experience.

At the side of the spa, you find the control panel with simple push-button operation for the temperature and jets. With just a few clicks you are able to soak into lovely bubbles and rest your head on the inflated headrest.

Also as with the special massage edition, this model comes delivered with an insulating cover and ground layer. This prevents the heat from escaping while you are out of the tub so you can jump right back in at any time.

One element that is different is the number of jets. This version has 170 jets which are 30 more than the previous model – this gives you more flexibility in how you want the jets to rumble against your body.

In short, if you want a more comfortable seat for the number of people then choose this model. The combination of the removable non-slip seat and inflatable headrest elevates the experience for you.

Why We Liked it

  • Includes inflatable headrest
  • Includes removable non-slip seats
  • Hard water system
  • Includes insulation Accessories
  • Good value for the price
4 Persons Intex Simple Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

3. Best for 4 Persons: Intex Simple Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Seating Capacity4 persons
Diameter77 in
Height26 in
Water Capacity210 gallons
Water Temperature Range68°F – 104°F
Hard Water SystemYes
Insulated CoverYes
Storage BagYes

Not planning on having big gatherings at your house or maybe your patio is not that big? Then perhaps for a smaller number of people, a smaller portable version is more suitable for your needs.

This Simple Spa edition fits 4 people but is also great for when you want more space for just you and your spouse. With an outer diameter of 77 inches and an inner basin of 57 inches, it should fit nicely on your back porch.

Being a smaller size, you can easily move it around in your backyard without having to deflate it first. But you will obviously need to empty it out first, using the tube provided and then lift up the spa with a buddy using the handles on the sides. Please note here though that you will have to wait up to 24 hours for it to reach temperature again.

The inner tub has a capacity of 210 gallons and it has a temperature range is the same as the larger models, 68°F – 104°F. Again, to reach the maximum temperature the outside air temperature must be at least 50°F.

With a smaller circumference, there are fewer jets since too many would only consume unnecessary electricity. That is why this model has 120 high-powered jets which still create enough pressure for a soft massage.

Despite being a smaller size, it still has all the best features that the reviews rave about. For example, it has the signature hard water treatment system and replaceable filters so it is more suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Each package also comes with an insulating ground layer and insulating top cover. The entire structure deflates in a matter of minutes so that you can fit it into the provided storage bag.

This design is also made from the signature material of the brand, the Fiber-Tech Construction which is much stronger than the commonly used vinyl in lesser quality portable spas. This material has more structural integrity which is why you are able to sit on the edge to dip in only your feet without the sides sinking in.

As with any model of a home spa, you will have to use the appropriate chemicals to prevent bacteria and algae from growing in the warm moist atmosphere. The chemicals are not included in the order but it does come with a chlorine dispenser and 3-way test strips to check the water quality.

If you have limited space but still want the luxury, then you can’t go wrong with this 4 person design. It is comfortable, practical, and affordable, what more would you want?

Why We Liked it

  • Hard water system
  • 120 high-powered jet
  • Highly portable
  • Faster heating than larger models
  • Built-in inflation pump

Tips for Hot Tubs Inflatable Models

An Intex inflatable hot tub brand is fantastic because they are low maintenance, affordable price, and easy to use. Here are a few tips on how to make sure yours lasts as long as possible.

How to Clean an Inflatable Hot Tub

These are incredibly practical because maintenance is fairly simple. However, it does not hurt to clean them every once in a while.

How to clean a home spa depends on the model and the chemicals used but there are a few general cleaning tips. It is also important that you use testing strips to check the water quality.

With these, the filter cartridges and chlorine dispensers should do enough to keep it clean and prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. However, the filter should be cleaned out at least once a week and the chlorine refilled when empty.

The inside of the basin should also be scrubbed regularly but take care to only use the appropriate cleaning substances. A gentle soap should be enough for routine cleaning but when you notice calcium or another mineral build-up in its crevices you may need to use something stronger.

Try to steer away from harsh chemicals like bleach because this can damage the material. A more appropriate cleaning solution for inflatable spas is a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% water.

There are also chemical cleaners available, specifically for hot tub inflatable and portable models. Make sure you only use the brands recommended by the spa manufacturer so you don’t harm the material.

How to Lower Heating Costs

To warm up such a large volume takes up energy so knowing how to do it efficiently reduces your running costs. Here are a few tips that will save you money while running a spa.

Most models have suggested filling lines, a minimum and a maximum drawn on the inner basin. Only filling it up to the minimum filling line not only reduces what you are paying for your supply but also your energy bill since smaller volumes warm up faster.

If possible, fill the spa with warm water instead of cold. You will use less energy and the unit will reach the desired temperature faster.

When you are not in the hot tub, lower the temperature, and cover the top with an insulating material. Lowering the temperature stops you from using unnecessary electricity and the insulating cover keeps it warmer for longer.

One final way to reduce the energy needed is by keeping your hot tub out of the wind. Take these tips and reviews as your inspiration to relax in the one that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use Intex hot tub in the winter?

You can use your Intex hot tub in the winter as long as the winter temperature does not drop below 40 degrees. But if you have your hot tub inside or your winters are warm then there is no reason not to use a spa.

How long does it take to heat a Intex hot tub?

You have had your Intex tub delivered and now you cannot wait to jump in, but hold your horses. How long will it take to heat your Intex hot tub up? The temperature will rise by about 2 degrees or so every hour, so we are afraid that you will have to wait approximately 24 hours to reach the maximum temperature of 104 degrees

What does e90 mean on Intex hot tub?

Should your control panel be displaying the E90 alarm code it means no water is flowing through the water pump. You will need to check your handbook for troubleshooting the E90 error and find out what is causing the problem.

Are inflatable hot tubs worth it?

Inflatable hot tubs are well worth the price that you pay. Not only do you get all the benefits that you would from a fixed model of jacuzzi they are portable, when empty and require little to no maintenance.