What Is the Best Water Ionizer

Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water every day is key to optimum health, mental focus, and good digestion, however, we know sometimes people can be left wondering if there are other sources of hydration that have more benefits that are available to them.

Bottled water is great for reassurance that your drinking water is safe from debris or impurities and has extra minerals that can benefit your health.

However, continuously buying bottled water is not good for your bank account or the declining environment around us.

So you’re either stuck with possible contaminated water from your kitchen faucet or buying excessive quantities of bottled water in your weekly shop that then get chucked away straight after.

Not for much longer though. We’ve found the solution to this massive issue and that’s through the use of a water ionizer, which not only removes impurities from your tap water but also converts the water to become more alkaline so it has additional health benefits to regular water.

Water ionizers will save you money from having to buy bottled water all the time and will allow you to always have clean alkaline water right from your kitchen.

If you’re new to water ionizers then trying to narrow down the right one for you can be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve searched high and low to bring you the best water ionizers out there right now.


The Aqua Ionizer Pro model has long been a favorite of ours because it gives you 7 different ion settings so you get your water with your desired level of acidity or alkalinity.

Best Water Ionizer (Alkaline Water Machine)

1. Aqua Ionizer Pro 5.0 Deluxe — Best Alkaline Water Ionizer

The Aqua Ionizer features platinum-coated titanium plates, which are highly durable, energy-efficient but also incredibly effective at performing electrolysis on your tap water to ensure optimum pH levels when converted.

There is a built-in carbon water filter that is long-lasting and can purify over 1,5000 gallons of water before it needs replacing — saving you both money and time.

The ionizing machine produces pH levels between pH 5 and pH 11 so it is more than effective at being able to produce healthy alkaline water.

It also has an ORP range of -600 to +600 so it can produce water that is rich in antioxidants which can help protect your body against diseases like cancer.

Even though the water ionizer can produce acidic water, which is not intended for drinking, it can be used for plant care and also for cleansing the skin and hair.

The Aqua Ionizer carries a handful of certifications to prove its high-quality construction, including being ETL Listed, FDA certification, RoHS Certification, and ISO certification.

The ionizer Pro 5.0 model comes with a good 5-year no hassle warranty which covers you for any problems that may arise during your first few years of owning your new water ionizer.

The unit has a built-in water filter that will remove harmful properties like lead and bacteria from your tap water before it gets ionized.

It’s designed to be easily installed on top of your counter next to your faucet within under 10 minutes, so you won’t need to hire out a professional to help you get everything installed.

The design, whilst not the most aesthetically pleasing to keep in your kitchen, is very easy to use and has clear buttons and a monitor to help you choose how much water you would like and the ability to monitor the pH levels.


  • Quick installation – Can be done in under 10 minutes
  • Has a built-in water filter – Provision of clean water on tap
  • Self-cleaning – No need for manual cleaning
  • Titanium plates – highly effective at converting tap water to alkaline water


  • pH range does not go very low – Can not reach very acidic water levels

2. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 more premium version of the aforementioned model. This model can produce 7 healthy water options including purified water, household cleaning water, and also water for tea or coffees.

If you’ll be using your water ionizer primarily to produce alkaline water, then you’ll be happy to know that there are customizable presets for everyday convenience.

It contains 7 platinum-coated titanium plates which is the recommended number to ensure effective ionization whilst also being highly durable to withstand prolonged use.

The unit is self-cleaning and reverses polarity after each use whilst also washing the plates themselves every time. This will prevent build-up within your machine and also ensures that each time you use the machine you’ll get the optimum pH and ORP levels you need.

You won’t have to buy an additional water filter to purify your water before ionizing it as this Aqua Deluxe 7.0 comes with one already built-in, so you’ve always got access to clean running water.

The filter will also withstand the flow of up to nearly 1,600 gallons of water before it needs replacing and even then the filter replacement is fairly inexpensive.

The design consists of an intuitive backlit LCD, which will help you navigate through the different water options and help you view the pH levels of your water.


  • Self-cleaning – No need for manual cleaning after each use
  • 7-electroplate technology – Meets recommended specifications
  • Backlit LCD – Easy to see and navigate through water options
  • Customizable presets – Makes everyday use of the machine more convenient


  • Not as powerful as newer models – New models from the same brand have more plates and are more effective

3. pH Recharge 3F Alkaline Water Filter by Invigorated Water Store

 The pH 3F Alkaline Water Filter by Invigorated Water Store is a little different from other water ionizers as it doesn’t connect directly to a water supply, so can be used anywhere in the home.

The multi-stage alkaline water filter is powerful and can increase the pH levels up to pH 10, adding beneficial minerals like calcium and selenium to your drinking water.

It also removes impurities like chlorine and fluoride, whilst also having the ability to filter heavy metals to provide great tasting water every time.

There is a huge filter capacity that lasts longer than its competitors, it can produce 96 gallons of filtered water before the filter will need replacing, which can save you over $1000 of which you would be spending on filtered bottle water before you bought your water ionizer.

The model is made from premium materials, including BPA-free plastic to ensure safe drinking water but still offering increased durability so your water ionizer will last you longer.

The design features an anti-slip base so it’ll stay put and prevent accidents regardless of where you keep it in the house. There is also a precision spigot designed into the construction which will allow you to easily pour the amount of water you need.

Invigorated Water Store also offers a 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee, which shows how highly they regard their products.


  • Large Filter Capacity – No need to change filter as frequently, saving you money and time
  • Can be used anywhere without needing to be connected – Have more freedom where it can be used
  • Made from premium materials – Safe to use and will last a long time
  • Powerful filtration system – Removes impurities and adds minerals to your drinking water


  • Filter can be difficult to assemble – If not assembled properly the system won’t work properly

4. LevelUpWay – Glass Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle

If you’re a single-person household then this LevelUpWay glass generator water bottle will be right up your alleyway.

It uses the latest Dupont technology to produce high-quality water that claims to be better than any ordinary water ionizer from other brands.

The design is implemented with non-toxic premium coated titanium plates which effectively neutralize harmful free radicals whilst also not leeching your water with metal.

The unit only takes 6 minutes to reach the optimum pH levels that result in the most health benefits and then you can use the water bottle all day. The new technology manages to remove chlorine and all other harmful chemicals that come from your tap water.

There’s no maintenance required with this little gadget as it’s good to go 2-3 years before it’ll need replacing – pretty cost-effective we must say!

LevelUpWay does value their customers and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with this generator water bottle and also a 1-year hassle-free warranty with friendly customer service to solve any problems you may have.


  • Small and compact – Easy to store in your home and carry around with you
  • Great customer service – Solves any problems that arise
  • No maintenance required – Can be used for 2-3 years before needing replacing


  • Small capacity – The container included is not big and will require numerous bottles to have lots of alkaline water on hand
  • Takes minutes to convert water – Not time efficient enough for everyone to use

5. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5 Anti-Oxidant Boost Water Ionizer

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.5 is the most premium and recent water ionizer from the Deluxe range. It has a pH range of 3.0 to 11.5, which is the highest out of all the Deluxe models offered by Aqua Ionizer Pro, offering both alkaline and acidic water streams for various uses in your home.

There are 9 effective platinum-coated titanium plates built-in to help filter your water so it’s full of all the antioxidant properties to help maintain a healthy body.

The Deluxe 9.5 is self-cleaning and will do so after each use. The plates are also self-washing and will clean themselves after every 10.5 gallons of water used through the machine. This ensures each time you use the machine, you get the correct pH and ORP levels that you require.

There is a built-in carbon water filter that removes harmful properties from your tap water, this filter will only need replacing once a year and the machine will alert you when it needs replacing as well.

The countertop is not too bulky and won’t look obtrusive with your kitchen style, it is also very easy to install and will only take 10 minutes to have it up and running out of the box.

If you’d prefer to keep this unit under the counter then you can also install it under the sink with the included installation kit.


  • Self-cleaning – Extra convenience for everyday use
  • Features 9 plates – Highly effective at producing alkaline water
  • Large pH Range – Can produce both acidic and alkaline water for versatile usage
  • Machine alerts you when filter needs replacing – You won’t have to worry about drinking impure water


  • Not consistent in quality – Some customers have received damaged units

6. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

The Bawell has a large pH range, ranging from 2.0 to 12.0 thus producing water that can be used for versatile uses that are not just limited to health benefits.

The Bawell Ionizer Machine offers a lifetime warranty to cover you for any defects or issue you may face whilst you make good use of your new unit.

There are multiple water settings on the machine which are easy to navigate through the buttons and display. You’ll be able to choose acidic or alkaline water with just the push of a button.

There are two water filters in the water ionizer which will provide you with over 1300 gallons of water before it needs replacing again.

Unfortunately, this Bawell Ionizer can only be used as a countertop model that is connected to the faucet, and can not be placed, and used under the sink, this is not very convenient if you’re restricted on counter space in your kitchen.

The water ionizer requires a minimum water pressure of 20psit to be supplied to the tap. Water pressure that does not reach this level or is prone to fluctuating should not be used with this machine. This is unfortunate as it limits the number of people who can buy and use this unit.


  • Lifetime Warranty – No need to worry if it breaks down
  • Multiple Water Settings – Can produce both alkaline and acidic water
  • Displays the pH and ORP of water – Water is optimized for whatever you’re using it for


  • Can only be used on countertop – Not great if you’re limited on kitchen space
  • Needs water pressure for 20psi – Limitations on the people who can use it

7. Tyent Under Counter-11-Plate Turbo Extreme

The Tyent water ionizer features 11 solid/mesh hybrid places for increased durability and cutting-edge electrolysis distribution. This model can be used both under the counter and on top of the counter so is suitable for all kitchens.

The Turbo Extreme produces a large range of pH levels, starting from 1.7 and going all the way up to 12.0, so you have the versatility of being able to use both acidic and alkaline water.

The water ionizer from Tyent also produces an ORP level of -1050 so is perfect if you’re looking for an ionizer to produce antioxidants for health benefits.

There is a flood prevention sensor on the design, which automatically turns it off if it can sense that you’re not currently using it, this is brilliant for avoiding accidents when you accidentally leave it running.

The Tyent model is of premium quality which is reinstated by its interactive touch screen technology which can be used to easily navigate through your chosen settings.

The design has dual filtration implemented inside to get rid of any harmful bacteria or properties that come through your regular tap water.


  • 11 hybrid plates included – For cutting-edge electrolysis distribution
  • Easy to use touch screen interface – Simple navigation of water options
  • Filter is discreet under-the-counter – Doesn’t look too obvious or take up too much room


  • Difficult to install – May require a professional to help get it running
  • Not budget-friendly – Limits the people who can buy it

8. AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0

The machine comes with 7 different water options that you can use throughout all your daily activities in your home including cleaning, sterilization, and drinking, this is supported through the fairly large pH range reaching alkaline levels of pH 10.5 and acid levels of pH 3.

The design is user-friendly and the navigation buttons are easy to read and simple to navigate what water options you would prefer to use.

The AquaGreen model comes with a replaceable active carbon filter, which ionizes the water while removing a whole host of harmful pollutants in tap water. The filter will need to be replaced every 6 months, which is a lot more frequently than other models.

The unit comes with a 1-year warranty which will allow you to claim a full refund or a replacement should you encounter any problems with the water ionizer.

Some AquaGreen water ionizer reviews have noted that the base leaks with water sometimes, these problems were solved by replacement but it seems to be a common issue with this model.


  • Replaceable carbon filter – Purifies the water whilst electrolyzing it
  • 1-year warranty – full refund or replacement if you have problems with the model
  • Produces great tasting water – Making drinking lots of water easier


  • Carbon filter is expensive to replace – Cost will add up with frequent maintenance
  • Customers noted the unit leaks from base sometimes

9. Cosan Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine

The Cosan unit is one of the best units to be integrated seamlessly into your kitchen. Its design is similar to that of a coffee machine. The machine requires little to no installation and can be done by even the most amateur techies amongst us.

The machine is easy to operate with a simple on/off valve and does not require electricity to be used. The design also allows you to use the water ionizer both on a counter and underneath a counter.

The filters will need replacing every 6 months, or for every 790 gallons of water that you use, which really doesn’t compare to other models we’ve seen.

The little machine has a built-in water filter, so you won’t need to purify your tap water before using the machine.

The machine is not very versatile and can only produce alkaline water through its filter. It does however produce quite a high-level pH, reaching levels of 9.5.


  • Simple to install – Straight out of the box installation
  • No electricity needed – Can sed all over the house
  • Can be converted to an under-the-counter unit – Versatile use depending on your space available


  • Only produces alkaline water – Limited in use compared to other models
  • Filters need replacing more frequently – Other models can be left for a year before replacing

10. IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

The Intelgadgets water ionizer has an extra-large LCD screen that displays information like filter life, pH level, ORP, and more, alongside the clear buttons on the front of the unit makes it extremely user-friendly.

The water ionizer can produce 7 different water options including 2 acidic despite being used primarily for alkaline water levels.

There is also a safety setting that automatically switches to purified drinking water to prevent accidental consumption of acidic water

The design of this water ionizer is small and compact and is best suited for customers who have limited space in and around their kitchen.

The Ionizer automatically engages a 10-second electrolysis chamber cleaning after every use for more convenient cleaning, you can press a button for a deeper clean as well. When the filter needs replacing the machine will alert you.


  • User-friendly interface – Easy to navigate through water options
  • Small and compact – Great for kitchens restricted on space


  • Customers received products with parts missing – Had to wait until other parts arrived until they could use it
  • Product has been known to stop working – Unit suddenly stops working for some people after a short period

What Is Ionized Water?

The Differences of Alkaline water and Regular Water

Alkaline water has a higher level of pH than regular drinking water from the tap. Alkaline water contains more minerals and can neutralize the acid in the body.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Ionized Water?

The benefits of drinking ionized water are still speculated by both consumers and scientists in the field. Ionized water does have lots of antioxidant properties.

Even though scientific research behind the benefits of ionized water is inconclusive as of right now, it is believed that it can boost the immune system, benefits weight loss, has colon cleansing properties, and can also improve the health, and appearance of your skin.

Is It Safe to Use Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers are generally considered safe to use for frequent consumption of ionized water, it is only the health benefits behind it that are still being speculated.

Ionizer water or alkaline water, if over consumed or consumed when the pH level is too high can cause nausea, confusion, and even vomiting. Drinking too much alkaline water can make you deficient in other minerals as well.

How Does a Water Ionizer work?

From the off, water ionizers can look overly complicated and difficult to use and understand, however, they’re pretty simple to learn about how they work.

Water ionizers are commonly attached to the water supply in your kitchen, this way the unit will be able to work directly with your tap water to produce alkaline water.

The tap water flows to your water ionizer unit specifically across the plates, where it then gets converted and separated from the acidic minerals and turned into more alkaline minerals. Both these streams of water are released in two separate streams.

What to Look for in the Best Water Ionizers

What to Look for in the Best Water Ionizers

pH Range

If you’re looking to buy a water ionizer then it’s probably because of its ability to produce ionized water (or alkaline water).

Whilst this may be the primary use, it may still be able to produce a large range of pH water, which is not just limited to alkaline. The most alkaline pH stands at 14, whilst the most acidic pH is at 1. pH 7 would be neutral and is around about the average of regular tap water.

A water ionizer that has a big pH range will give your more flexibility in how you use it. Low pH water is best used for cleaning around your home, but drinking water that is less than pH 6.5 is considered pretty dangerous to your health and could also corrode and leach metal.

More alkaline water is considered beneficial to our health and can be drunk daily and used for cooking purposes, like boiling pasta or rice.

However, drinking water that has a very high pH e.g over pH 11.5 can cause gastrointestinal and skin problems, as it agitates the body’s normal pH and causes metabolic alkalosis which can also lead to nausea.

If you were just buying a water ionizer for the alkaline properties, then you won’t need to focus too much on the pH range incorporated in the machine.

Number of Plates

You would’ve already come across a discussion about the plates inside a water ionizer in the discussion about how a water ionizer works, but here we’ll go more in-depth to why the number of plates plays such a central role in how well a water ionizer works.

The plates in the machine are how the water will turn from more acidic or neutral to alkaline or ionized water. It’s important to know the material that these plates are made out of as they come into direct contact with your drinking water. The best material for these plates is normally coated titanium, which is of a very high-quality and highly effective in converting the water to become more alkaline.

You’ll want to try and find a water ionizer that has the highest number of plates possible as they’ll produce more power and be more effective in achieving a higher level of pH and will have a greater OPR range.

Generally, the higher number of plates in a water ionizer will result in a higher price tag as the cost of producing and manufacturing these plates inside the machine can be very high. More affordable models will come with 5-6 plates, whereas the more expensive models will come with 10+.

Units with high numbers of plates will consume more power and therefore not only cost more initially but also add more to your utility bills. However, if you do want a reliable and effective water ionizer, then go for a water ionizer with a high number of plates and check the material they’re made of.

ORP Range

OPR range stands for oxidation-reduction potential, this refers to the cleanliness of the water and its ability to break down contaminants. The lower the OPR, the healthier the water is for you as it lowers the level of oxidation that occurs in the body when you drink it.

Oxidation in the body damages cells and DNA and works by taking out the electrons from a substance. What replaces these electrons is known as free radicals.

Ionized water works the same as antioxidant substances and restricts the free radicals from damaging your body and making you more prone to developing diseases.

Therefore, finding a water ionizing machine with a low OPR range is imperative as it makes it much safer and beneficial for you to drink.

Built-In Water Filter

A good built-in water filter will be a factor you want to consider when looking to buy a water ionizer. Which means you don’t need a separate water filter to purify your water. An efficient filter will be able to remove contamination from the water before it gets ionized. Some water ionizers will offer a multi-stage filtration system.

Look out for water ionizers that say they have a strong enough water filter to remove chlorine, lead, chloramines, volatile organic compounds, and trace detergent residue. These are the main things you want to be removed from your water before it gets ionized.

The water filter will need replacing after 6-12 months, depending on the type of water you have in your area. The price of these water filters will depend on the brand of water ionizer that you have. You’ll want to take into consideration the maintenance cost of your water filter when buying a water ionizer.


Some water ionizers will come with certification from international organizations and government agencies that have professionally recommended the product for its high-quality construction and effectiveness.

Some of these organizations could include, European Conformity (CE), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Installation Process

Before spending lots of money on a high-tech water ionizer, think about whether you’re able to set it up and install it in your home. There’s not too much to it and most good water ionizers will come with detailed instructions on how to get it working properly.

Countertop units are a lot more simple to install, they often only require a few steps and no tools at all. However, under the sink units are a little bit more complicated and can be more fiddly, requiring some patience. There are plenty of YouTube videos online to help you install your water ionizer properly.

Countertop vs Under-The-Counter Unit

Water ionizers are available in countertop and under-the-counter units, so if you’re restricted on space in your kitchen, an under-the-counter unit would be better suited for you.

Countertop water ionizers are often designed to be more stylish as they will always be displayed out on the kitchen counter. The countertop units are much more convenient for monitoring the pH and water data within the machine as you won’t have to duck under the sink to take a look.

If you’d prefer your water ionizer to be completely out of sight, then go for an under-the-counter option.


From reading this article you may have come to a general conclusion that water ionizers don’t come particularly cheap. Some are a real investment and spending that much money on a water ionizer is enough to turn someone’s stomach sick.

Try to find a generous warranty, especially if your water ionizer is expensive. A warranty will help cover any manufacturing damages or faults that occur during your initial period of owning the new product, this will hopefully get you a refund or at least a brand new replacement free of cost.

Water Ionizer Maintenance

How to Know When Your Water Ionizer Needs Maintenance

Several signs will determine if your water ionizer needs some maintenance or deep cleaning.

The most obvious sign will be that your water ionizer has failed to work completely, which is normally caused by a build-up of calcium or other properties in the pipes and plates. This issue normally occurs in areas where there is hard water.

If your water ionizer is not producing alkaline water with a low enough OPR (around the -200 to -400 range) then you’ll need to look into repair or replacing certain parts in your machine.

A low negative OPR range is important as that is what produces the health benefits of ionized water. You should monitor your OPR levels on the monitor on your water ionizer.

If your water ionizer is not producing small hydrogen bubbles in your drink, then it’s a sign that it is not working effectively or the machine needs to be cleaned.

An evident sign is that your water will taste unusual and often sour, this could be a result of the water filter needs changing or an issue that has come apparent in the machine itself.

If your pH levels in your water ionizer start to lower or there are frequent fluctuations in the pH levels, this is more common in water ionizers that don’t have a built-in filtering system.

If you can’t monitor or view the pH levels on a display on your machine then you can purchase a pH testing kit that will allow you to find out what pH your water is currently at.

How to Know When A Water Filter In a Water Ionizer Needs Changing

There are 3 main signs to look out for that will signify when your water ionizer needs changing, these signs are related to the water filtration system.

The first indication will be that there will be an unfamiliar or unpleasant smell coming from the water itself or the water ionizer. This is caused because the water hasn’t been properly filtered due to it being clogged or dirty.

This issue can be easily solved by replacing the water filter, repairing any parts that need fixing, or if this is exceptional damage, the whole system will need to be replaced.

The next sign that will be easy to notice is that there will be debris or floating stuff in your water when you use the machine, this is caused by improper functioning of the water filtration system. Seek to replace your water filter as soon as possible if this occurs and avoid drinking the water entirely until the issue has been resolved.

One other sign to keep an eye out for is strange sounds. When the water filter needs replacing or is starting to struggle, it’ll sound like it’s straining or loud gurgling noises.

If the filtration system is not already broken, then try and get a replacement as soon as possible before it suddenly dies on you.

Maintaining Your Water Ionizer: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Replace the internal filters in your water ionizer every 6-12 months and flush out all the replacement filters for 5 minutes after you have changed them.
  • Wipe down the outside of your machine with a damp sponge every so often to prevent the build-up of grime or dust which could move inside the machine.
  • Use a cleaning cartridge every so often in your machine, to remove the build-up of bacteria or mold that you are not able to see. This procedure may differ from brand to brand, so make sure you read a manual or contact the manufacturer to see how you should stay on top of maintaining your machine.


  • Don’t clean your machine without consulting with the manufacturer or manufacturing handbook beforehand. Improper or ineffective cleaning can result in the unit being damaged or breaking down entirely.
  • Do not use everyday household cleaning products to clean your machine internally or externally.

Cleaning Instructions For a Water Ionizer

Here are some general guidelines for you to follow when cleaning your water ionizer, these protocols may vary depending on the brand and build of your water ionizer unit.

  1. Remove your water ionizer filter from the unit. If your machine comes with 2 filters then only remove one of them
  2. Insert your cleaning filter into the space where your water ionizer filter is located
  3. Run your machine how you would if you were trying to use neutral water for around 5 minutes (Those who have countertop units will need to place both hoses into a cup or bowl and leave running until they’re submerged in water)
  4. Leave your unit unused for around 3 hours (Countertop models will require the hoses to be returned to their normal position by the sink)
  5. Remove the cleaning filter and put your water ionizer filter back into position
  6. Flush out the system again by running the system for another 5 minutes
  7. Monitor the pH levels of the water until it returns to an alkaline level

You should try and do this process at least once a year to prolong the life of your water ionizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does ionized water stay ionized?

Ionizer water will last open in the air for around 1 to 2 hours.

When ionized water is stored in an airtight glass or container, the alkaline properties can be retained for 1-2 weeks, but you will get the most benefits from the properties within the first 3 days of ionizing it.

The antioxidant properties (hydroxyl ions) last about 24 hours.

What should I store my ionizer water in?

The best storage solution for ionized water is a vacuum stainless bottle that is double insulated. A glass material container will also retain the beneficial properties of ionized water to a good degree.

You should avoid putting ionized water into a container that has a flip-top lid, as the gas can easily escape through the gaps in the lid.

Is it better to drink regular tap water or ionized water that is days old?

It is still better to drink ionized water that is days old as it has been filtered, the pH is better and the OPR is also a lot better than regular tap water.

However, if you’re going to go through the effort of ionizing your water then you should try and drink it as soon as possible to reap the full benefits.

Why are water ionizers so expensive?

The coated plates or the electrodes, which ionize the water are pretty expensive and drive up the cost a lot.

The machines are scientifically developed by experts and the researchers who pitch the idea to manufacturers do not receive money or grants for their research.

Learn more in our article on why ionizers are expensive.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it — a water ionizer comparison that has hopefully informed you and made it a bit easier to pick out the right machine for yourself. But if you want our pick for the best water ionizer, then the Aqua Ionizer Pro 5.0 Deluxe is it. You’ll get just what you need at a very reasonable price.