Which Are the Cheapest Inflatable Hot Tubs?

If you’ve ever enjoyed a dip in someone else’s hot tub, you’ll know how relaxing it can be. The combination of the bubbles and the warm water, perhaps with a cocktail or your favorite wine gives it a real luxury feel.

What’s stopped you in the past from buying a new hot tub? Think a hot tub has to be expensive?

Certainly, if you opt for a hard-side model and what can be a complicated setup involved, the cost can run into the thousands. However, if you instead look at one of the many great priced inflatable options, you will be surprised at how relatively cheap they are.

Even once you familiarize yourself with the running costs, you will find cheap options to suit any budget. The great thing is that even if you invest in a fairly simple and no-thrills design, you can purchase lots of cool hot tub accessories to give it the sophisticated and luxurious feel you are after.

Best Cheap Inflatable Hot Tubs [Our 5 Favorites]

Here at HottubVariety, we wanted to take the hassle out of your search for cheap inflatable hot tubs. The fruits of our hard work and research are the guide below, which features the 5 best and most affordably priced inflatable jacuzzies we could find on the net.

As well as highlighting the key features and why you should consider each, we have also provided some insight into why you should invest in a cheap inflatable option in the first place.

Quick and Easy: Bestway SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Spa

First in our guide is the incredibly popular and affordable Miami AirJet model from the SaluSpa manufactured by Bestway. This is generously sized with enough room for between two and four people and is generally seen as a premium item (although we would recommend it more as a 2 person hot tub rather than for four).

We have highlighted it specifically because not only is it a reasonably cheap portable hot tub, it is quick and easy to use, with the durable Tri-Tech material, that features a layer of polyester mesh core sandwiched between PVC that has been specially laminated. This material has been formed into an I-beam structure that is resistant against punctures and will last for a long time.

As well as being tough and long-lasting, it also benefits from a quick-heating system that means once you’ve inflated it, it won’t take long to reach a comfortable 104-degrees F. Unlike some models, you don’t need to even get out of this tub to change the settings.

A digital control panel with intuitive controls allows you to set the speed of the 120 air jets and the temperature while you relax.

Best Design: Goplus Portable Hot Tub

Next on the list of cheap blow up hot tubs, we have this great model from Goplus. Featuring a strong construction made from high-quality PVC, this is perfect for inside and outside use. If you are concerned about the feeling of the PVC against your skin, don’t. This benefits from a soft and comforting surface that won’t feel awkward or cause irritation to your skin.

It also benefits from a similar fast-heating system that means you are not waiting around too long from the moment you fill it for it to be warm enough. In fact, it has a very welcome warming rate of around 34 to 36-degrees F per hour.

Thanks to the digital control console, you can easily adjust the experience to suit you and your guest’s needs. Portability is a key feature of this model as it features grab handles to help when you need to move it (when it’s empty of course!).

An insulated cover is included in the package, to retain the water temperature and all the necessary filter cartridges are included so you only need to make the one purchase.

Best Quality: Coleman SaluSpa Portable 4-Person Spa, Black

If you are looking for a quality portable tub and are less concerned about the price tag, look no further than the Coleman SaluSpa. Although not necessarily a cheap hot tub it is highly portable and takes just a few minutes to fully inflate it also has a similar rapid-heating system to those mentioned above.

This means you really don’t need to wait around for the temperature to reach a toasty 104-degrees F. Or less if you prefer. The easy-access controls make it easy to adjust not just the temperature, but the 120 luxurious air jets.

Following in the footsteps of other SaluSpa models, this is constructed using the I-beam design with 3-ply PVC to provide the most durable and robust tub possible. Not that you would notice just how tough it is when you are sitting in it, relaxing after a long and hard day, because the cushioned floors and walls feel incredibly soft.

As you will obviously want to keep your tub clean and hygienic, it comes with a chemical floater to fight off all that potential bacteria. To help keep the running down costs initially, you are treated to a double pack of special cartridges for the filter.

There’s not a lot to dislike about this high-quality option for those baking warm days or when you just want to celebrate something special in style.

Biggest Size: Goplus 6 Person Portable Outdoor Tub

While you are undoubtedly interested in the quality of the design and construction and how easy it is to use, if you are looking for the biggest portable hot tub, you need to look no further than this one. From Goplus, this is designed to comfortably accommodate 6 adults with enough legroom, so you are not like sardines in a can.

I-beam construction is one of the key features you will find is shared by all the options in this guide. The reason it is chosen by so many companies is the durability and robustness it lends to inflatables. Even if you have a bigger and heavier frame, it won’t buckle easily.

Like many others, there is no need to faff around with hoses and pumps, as this features an automatic inflating system that gets it to full-size in mere minutes.

Much like the previous model from Goplus we discussed in this guide, it comes equipped with the rapid-warming system. No waiting around with itchy feet before you can enjoy some warmth and bubbles.

Speaking of those bubbles, it has the same 130 air jets working on producing those soothing and luxurious bubbles for you and whoever you choose to share the tub with.

Cheapest Price: Goplus 4 Person, White Portable Tub

The final item on our cheap hot tubs guide is yet another great inflatable tub from the lesser-known Goplus. Although they are not Bestway or Intex, don’t let that put you off considering this. If you are looking for a low-price option that gives you all the benefits of a tub and jacuzzi-style bubbles, this is an awesome choice.

The thing we feel is important to note that although it’s supposedly designed for 4 people, there might be some touching involved. So, keep that in mind. Of course, if that’s not a problem, then there’s nothing to worry about.

While the rapid-heating system is not as quick as other models, it can still raise the temperature by 2 to 3-degrees F every hour. By far the standout feature is the blower/heater that has been integrated fully into the wall of the tub. It offers 360-degrees bubbles that are perfect for simulating a deep and soothing massage all over the body.

Why Buy a Cheap Inflatable Hot Tub?

We’ve already touched on the answer to the question of why you would want to cut corners and invest in a cheap inflatable option rather than a traditional, hard wall tub. Let’s consider the answer in greater detail.

The cost of a fully integrated and professionally installed hard-wall tub does not just include the price of the jacuzzi itself. There’s the labor cost of building and installing the tub, along with the associated electrical and plumbing work.

That means, rather than just a couple of thousands, you could be looking at spending over $10,000. Even the standalone options made from acrylic, which are considerably cheaper, still cost a good couple of grand.

Repair Costs Are Much Lower

Looking through the list of the best 5 cheap inflatable models, you can see that it’s possible to get in on the hot tub fun for less than $500, depending on the model you choose. In many situations, when accidents happen and you need to have your hard-standing tub fixed, the repairs often cost even more than that figure.

You may be concerned that inflatable tubs sound very prone to breaking down and needing repairing. However, the truth is that they don’t. After all, you are not sitting in a tub made of the same stuff that is used for party balloons.

We are talking high-quality PVC, normally constructed into three layers to provide the ultimate in structural integrity and durability. The only time you will really notice it’s an inflatable tub is when it’s time to get in or out or when you lie back, and the wall contours your body. Something a hard-walled option won’t.

Do They Lack the Same Features as the Higher Priced Models?

This is another misconception many people have when they think of inflatable hot tubs. The technology and materials used in the design and manufacturing of inflatable jacuzzies have evolved and improved at an exceptional rate over the last couple of decades.

This means that despite their relatively low and affordable price tags, there is no sacrifice or compromise when it comes to the features.

Most feature air jets, this is true, and not the water jets you may get in a fully installed model. However, when you consider that most people seem to like air jets the same (and some prefer them), this is hardly a downside.

Besides, there are some inflatable hot tubs out there that offer genuine water jets for a reasonable price, if that’s really what you are after.

Any Downsides?

If there is a downside of the lower-priced inflatable hot tubs on the market, it’s their capacity. Most can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. That doesn’t sound too small, does it? Well, the issue is that although companies advertise 6 people for their large hot tubs, it doesn’t equate to 6 people sitting comfortably with lots of space and no leg touching. It’s very similar to tents in that regard.

For the low price they are available, though, if you really required one big enough to accommodate more than 6 people, it would still be more cost-effective to invest in two inflatables rather than a large-scale installed model.

Do you Need to Deflate Them After Every Use?

This is a concern a lot of people have. While we would not suggest you leave your inflatable out in the deep and dark part of winter, there is no reason why you need to deflate your hot tub in the warmer months.

Most in our guide come with a cover and the ones that don’t, you can invest in one for a relatively low price. This means you can not only maintain the water temperature if you are temporarily leaving the tub but also protect the water from taking on leaves, dirt and other debris when it is not in use.

You obviously need to follow good and safe hygienic practices and ensure you use the chemical filters it’s supplied with the model you must keep the water in good condition. The last thing you want is the time you and anyone else spends with you in those hot bubbles marred by the spread of illness and other health issues.

Now you know what our choices of the best inflatable hot tubs at reasonable prices are and why you should consider the cheaper option of going for one that is on our cheap hot tubs list, it’s over to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we will answer the questions that we get asked most by people considering purchasing an inflatable hot tub and are still having lingering doubts.

Are inflatable hot tubs any good?

If you are wondering if inflatable hot tubs are any good well oh yes they are. If you don’t have thousands to splash out then with the portable hot tub is the way to go.

How long do inflatable hot tubs last?

How long inflatable hot tubs last does depend on maintenance and usage, but with modern materials, the average seems to be 3 years with some up to 5 years.

Can I use an inflatable hot tub in the winter?

You can use an inflatable hot tub in the winter but do check out the manufacturers’ recommendations. Although a lot of people do use them in temperatures below 40 F it is not recommended in most cases.

Always drain for overwintering storage if you are not using it over winter though.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Seats?

Inflatable hot tubs do not normally have seats as they have a cushioned flooring that is plenty comfortable enough. However, should you want seats then they can be easily purchased online.

How to Drain a Portable Hot Tub?

How to drain a portable hot tub may vary, but it is just a couple of easy steps generally. Disconnect the air pump, connect a garden hose and it will start to drain. The water flow is very slow while draining so do not worry about drowning your garden or patio.

Always check the manufacturers’ instruction booklet.

Do you Need to Deflate Them After Every Use?

No, you do not need to drain or deflate a portable hot tub after every use. Normally this is only done for overwintering or if you have long periods of time when it is not going to be in use.