How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh

A hot tub is a great addition to any yard or garden, and one that all the family can enjoy. Deciding where to put your hot tub is one consideration, as you may want it outdoors or in an outhouse, for example.

Also, the different types of hot tub also need some thinking about, as does the size. One factor that always needs careful thought is the weight, and not only when it’s full!

How much does a hot tub weigh?: A hot tub can be a very large item and a heavy one. In some cases, this can mean you need specialist help getting it to the location you have chosen. Once full, a hot tub will weigh considerably more. The weight depends of what kind of hot tub you buy, always check the buyers manual beforehand to make sure it is suitable for you.

You have to be certain that the support you are putting it on, whether it’s a floor or a patio or other, can withstand its weight. Let’s talk about the different types and sizes of hot tubs, and their weight.

What Type of Hot Tub?

The two main types of hot tub are the standard hot tub itself, this usually big enough for two to six people, and the whirlpool tub. The latter is generally installed in a bathroom and is effectively a bath with additional jets of water for a massage experience. For the sake of this article, we are going to assume that you are buying a genuine hot tub, one of the former.

These come in various sizes and can be fitted in many ways. Some people sink them into the ground in the garden – a very permanent fixture they become – while others place them on a patio or decking, and this is where we need to talk about weight.

Imagine a smaller sized hot tub, one that is designed to fit up to the three people, for example: empty, and ready to install, this is an item that can weigh as much as 500lbs! Fill it with water, and you have a hot tub weighing perhaps around 3000lbs.

hot tub Maintenance

Now, from those figures we can see that not only will the empty tub take some getting into place but, once full, it’s going to need a lot of strong support underneath to take its weight.

Moving up to a bigger hot tub – the biggest that has room for up to six people – and you are looking at something like 1000lbs, double the above, when unladen. Full and in place, it will have a weight of 6000lbsthat is a very heavy object to support. This is why many people install them either in the ground, or seated on solid earth.

Your hot tub supplier will be able to provide you with advice as to the best method of installing and supporting your chosen model, and will also help you find the right people to do it – they may even carry out the installation themselves. Have a look around and you’ll find some great deals, and you can have a hot tub that everyone can enjoy!

Don’t forget that inflatable hot tubs are a great option and are a non-permanent solution for your home spa. They weigh a lot less than the larger hot tub choices and make come in all different sizes, making them the perfect fit for your home.