How To Throw an Epic Hot Tub Party

So, you have an amazing brand-new inflatable hot tub. You now have access to something you can use to relax whenever you choose. But one of the best uses for it is a hot tub party with friends.

Hot tub parties are great for both hen and stag get-togethers but aren’t limited to just that. With a group of friends or even family, you can have a pretty awesome time in your tub.

Hot Tub Party Guide

Even if you haven’t had a hot tub party before, our guide for throwing the best hot tub party will help you do just that. Before you start sending out those WhatsApp invites, check out the amazing tips below.

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1. Let the Numbers Guide You

You should always start planning hot tub parties by first deciding how many people you are going to invite. The size of any party is dictated by the venue it will be hosted at, and as tubs have a maximum capacity, it is vital that you do not invite too many people.

After all, no-one wants to be left out in the cold at your hot tub party.

If you do have more people that you want to invite than are able to fit at any one time, just make sure that all your guests swap around so you don’t overload your tub by them all trying to fit.

2. Stock Up on Extra Towels and Swimsuits

Although you should instruct your guests to bring along their own towels and swimsuits in the Party Hot Tub Style invites, there will inevitably be some who either forget or ignore that part and turn up without the appropriate attire.

That is why it is best to plan for this happening and make sure you have enough additional towels and swimsuits so that everyone in attendance can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

3. Prepare Finger Food and Snacks

Finger Food and Snacks for a Hot Tub Party

As noted earlier, you will obviously want to provide your guests with food and drink. When it comes to food though, unless you are inviting them for a formal dinner that ends with you all sitting and chilling in the spa, you will want to stick to finger food.

A buffet is always a good idea, or even a BBQ if it is during the summertime that you are throwing tub parties.

4. Have Entertainment and Other Activities Planned

Unless it is a relatively small group you are inviting, it is unlikely that you are going to spend the entire time in the spa. Therefore, you should make sure you have plenty of entertainment and party ideas along with any other activities planned for the afternoon/evening.

Spa parties are the new hot parties. Some ideas to include:

  • Putting on an awesome movie
  • Providing snacks and drinks
  • A range of board games or card games

5. Clean Your Spa Tub Before the Event

Clean Your Spa Tub Before the Hot Tub Party

Another important aspect of planning for the ultimate hot tub party, that should go without saying, is that you should ensure your tub is properly cleaned, safe and hygienic.

Make sure it has been sufficiently sterilized with the correct chemicals, that the water is balanced and there is no unsightly debris or dirt or signs of mold or any disgusting or otherwise strong smells emanating from it.

The quickest and easiest way to make sure your tub is at its cleanest is by investing in a hot tub vacuum. 

6. Turn up the Music

Turn up the Music Hot Tub Party

While it may be fun to sit in just having a chat and laugh with your friends, it could if you are not on the ball, get old after a while so you will need to plan for this.

Even if it’s just there in the background, get some party music on so that you are all able to chat and hear each other, but have the option to dance too, you should have a playlist of music playing at hot tub parties.

Have a look around for some floating waterproof speakers as these are a good option to add to the atmosphere. You could even leave it up to your guests to bring along their own devices or use their own Spotify accounts to help soundtrack the event.

7. Soak Yourself Before Soaking Your Liver

If it’s an adult’s only or there is going to be alcohol consumed. It may be best to soak in those hot bubbles before you soak your liver in alcoholic drink, if possible.

Why? Because the hot water in the tub can actually speed up the inebriation process, getting you drunk quicker, as well as increasing your chances of suffering from a hangover.

Obviously, you should also supply plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and water for your guests as an alternative to alcohol and try to ensure they are not just drinking to excess.

8. Decorate The Area Appropriately

Decorate The Area Appropriately Hot Tub Party

Parties are as much about actual atmosphere, setting, and ambiance than anything else. Just as it is important to provide background music to soundtrack the event, it is also important to decorate the area appropriately.

Having a theme is a good way to formulate a plan for the decorations, like a Hawaii theme for an example of hot tub party ideas. You don’t have to go too crazy, but having something cohesive that runs throughout the whole night can help make it the ultimate hot tub party and one that everyone remembers.

Think about your lighting, whether it be subdued or nightclub-style, there is a nice selection of underwater lighting available that you should look into.

For a Hawaiian theme, for instance, you could include hula dancing and even set up a limbo bar for people to dance under. If you want to push the theme, even more, you could insist that people dress appropriately for the theme.

Brightly colored shirts and grass skirts for the Hawaiian theme would get everyone in the mood, also include a menu of food and drinks that match the theme if possible.

These are a few of the things you need to know before buying a hot tub so you always have the best knowledge available.

There are probably things we have missed out of forgotten about, but the above tips will provide you with a good foundation for planning that awesome event that everyone will remember for a long time.