Intex Pure Spa Plus Review

The Intex Pure Spa Plus is an excellent example of why inflatable hot tubs are just as luxurious as a permanent one. They are more affordable, easier to maintain and of course, are perfectly portable.

It is also a smart idea to have one of the best pool and spa thermometers lying in a drawer to double-check the water temperature. Nowadays, most inflatable spas have a built-in thermometer but a backup device is always handy.

But first, you must find the perfect inflatable hot tub for your home and we recommend the Intex Pure Spa Plus as a top contender. Read on to find out why this model is top-rated as one of the best 6 person spas and the perfect way to relax in luxury.

Introducing the Intex Pure Spa Plus Model

The Intex Pure Spa Plus offers amazing value for many, especially considering its specifications. You get a top-quality portable heated hot tub that produces plenty of bubbles for the most indulgent soft massage at a much friendlier price than its competition.

Get the most soothing experience thanks to the 170 individual bubble jets. These are high-powered bubble jets so they provide just enough pressure to gently soften stiff muscles.

It may be large enough to fit 6 people but you can spoil yourself with some me time, too. Lay your head against the comfortable contoured headrests, each package comes with two, and let your tired body soak in pure bliss.

Intex Pure Spa Specs

Seating Capacity6 persons
Diameter65 in inner, 85 in outer
Height28 in
Water Capacity290 gallons
Water Temperature Range68°F – 104°F
Hard Water SystemYes
Insulated CoverYes
Storage BagYes

Stylish Design

What makes this model stand out the most is the pre-installed LED lights that change color. They are placed underwater and give the water a colorful glow of your preference: shades between an ocean green and violet.

There are two possible settings, either single color mode or color changing mode. It makes the water more vibrant and the entire experience more unique and fun.

Each LED light is battery-powered so you don’t have to worry about difficult wiring. Of course, the units are also waterproof so it keeps everyone inside the hot tub safe.

Another way this spa design is more stylish than its competition is the color scheme. The exterior is an elegant navy color while the interior is a crisp white.

Add in the white contoured headrests and you have yourself a very good looking inflatable spa.

Intex Pure Spa Plus Model

Strong Materials

This portable spa is made with Fiber-Tech, the signature material of the intex brand. They not only use it for their inflatable hot tubs but also for their mattresses.

Fiber-Tech is a patented material from the Intex range of hot tubs that consists of a 3-ply structure including PVC and a flexible yet strong material made of thousands of fibers. The combination of these materials makes the spa structure more sturdy while still flexible enough for repeated inflation and deflation.

The internal construction also consists of Fiber-Tech beams which is what makes the hot tub keep its shape once inflated. This lets you step in and out of the tub without having to worry about applying to much pressure on the edge.

No material is completely puncture-proof but with Fiber-Tech you don’t have to worry about them as much.

Besides the long-lasting main structure, the package also comes with a ground cloth and insulation cover. Both of these accessories help keep the water temperature more stable but it also prevents the ground material from scratching the bottom and debris from falling into the water.

The ground cloth and cover are basic accessories but go a long way in reducing the wear and tear of the main tub.

Highly Portable

One of the biggest reasons to get an inflatable spa is that they are portable. The Intex Pure Spa Plus exemplifies how good design incorporates the best portability since it can be set up and ready for water in just 20 minutes.

As mentioned, this inflatable hot tub is made with sturdy yet flexible Fiber-Tech. This is a key element since it is the thousands of fibers and waterproof PVC that keeps the product resistant to the wear and tear that comes with continuous re-assembly.

Then there are other details that make this large structure still easy enough to carry around. Most notably, it is relatively lightweight once it is deflated, weighing a little over 100 pounds.

Once all the water and air has been removed the leftover material is easily folded up and placed inside the storage bag that comes free with every purchase. The bag lets you take it with you anywhere or safely stored away in a closet until spring rolls back in.

Even without deflation, it is still possible to move the unit to another part of the yard or porch. There are handles on opposite sides of the hot tub so you and a friend could pick it up and move it whenever necessary – although you should drain it before attempting to move it.

Keeping the Water Soft and Clean

As mentioned in the intro, some maintenance is required to keep a home spa’s water soft on the skin and free of bacteria and debris. Fortunately, the technical design elements in this model make maintenance easy.

First of all, this unit has a built-in hard water treatment system. Essentially this means that it is capable of filtering out some of the harshest minerals found in the water supply so that the water inside the spa is gentler on the skin.

There are several issues with hard water in a hot tub. Besides feeling harsher on the skin, hard water is not good for the internal mechanics since it can leave a waterline and cause corrosion.

When the mineral deposits in the water are at very high levels it can also cause damage to other parts such as the filtration system and heater. So in short, treating hard water is very important for the comfort and longevity of the home spa.

Besides treating hard water, this product also comes with the initial supplies for keeping the water free from bacteria and other unwanted particles. Included are four filter cartridges, a chemical floater and a test strip.

You only need two filter cartridges at a time so the additional two are for replacement. You will also have to purchase the required chemicals separately and get a few extra test strips for routine maintenance.

A Few Downsides

After all these great features, there are a few things to note before buying. Though this model does not have any major disadvantages, there are some elements and reviewer comments you should consider.

Somewhat Small

Firstly, for a 6 person hot tub it is on the smaller side. Several reviewers mention that it would be exceptionally cozy with 6 people, and not in a good way.

So, we recommend enjoying this unit with just four people or making it a truly luxurious experience by only sharing it with one other person. You can use the fact that there are only two headrests as an excuse for keeping this as a two person hot tub.

Limited Heating Capability

A very important limitation to know is that this unit is not suitable for cold-weather regions. Intex states the water heater gets the water warmer by 1 – 2 degrees per hour but it does not get very warm when the outside temperature is cold.

This means that this unit is better suited as a spring and summertime home spa than a hot tub for the winter. Alternatively, you could place it in a large enough indoor room but think about possible dampness and how to drain it.

Bubbles and Heat

A final note is on the jets and water heater which is a single construction. This means that you cannot heat the water while keeping the bubbles going.

In practice, this forces you to wait for the water to get to the desired temperature before going in. It also limits your time at this favorite temperature because you are bound to lose a little heat with the insulation cover off and the bubbles going.


Overall, this is an amazing value buy. The Intex Pure Spa Plus offers many of the features that a more high-end model would but at a much more accessible price point.

It has all the systems and accessories in place to create a pleasant, clean and safe home spa experience without requiring too much maintenance. Compared to its attractive features and good performance, the disadvantages are a minor detail.