Intex Purespa Deluxe Greywood 4 Person Spa Review

This Intex 28439e greywood deluxe 4 person spa is something a little different, if you have decided that you would like to invest in a 4 person spa so you too can experience a refreshing spa in your own backyard, then this is the hot tub with that little bit of difference.

It features a multi-colored LED light that will create the perfect mood and ambiance for every occasion and has a sophisticated gray woodgrain pattern that makes it stand out from the rest and coming from Intex you can rest assured that it will have the quality and durability that you want.

Intex 28439e Greywood deluxe 4 person spa Review

About Intex

Intex has long been renowned in the business of family fun producing a range of inflatables and above ground pools. An interesting fact is that when they first started off they were actually known as The Wet Set.

Producing their first product in 1975, which was a beach ball of all things, but in 1997 they ventured into the world of above ground pools and are now where they are today with a huge range of products on offer. All offering quality, durability, value, and most of all, fun and relaxation.

Setting up your Greywood deluxe Inflatable

Setting up your spa could not be any easier, firstly find a suitable solid place to place your unit, consider where the sun will be at the times you may expect to be using your hot tub, do you want it in the shade or in direct sunlight. Here we will point out that although the spa is UV protected to a degree, sunlight can damage the materials over time.

Try to avoid placing it directly underneath trees or shrubs if possible, as this may cause the need to vacuum due to leaves and debris getting into the water, but with a good maintenance routine, this in itself will not harm the hot tub.

Once you have decided on the site place the spa on the thermal ground cloth that is provided, this will not only protect the base but will inhibit heat loss. Connect the inflation hose to the pump and tub and away you go, the pump does the hard work for you and your hot tub will be ready to fill in no time.

Massage System

The massage system that is also run via the air pump used to inflate your unit, consists of 140 high powered bubble jets, these are situated around the perimeter of the base.

These high powered bubble jets will surround you with thousands of bubbles giving you not only a refreshing spa experience but an all-over gentle massage at the touch of a button, easing the stresses of the day gently away, and this model is also supplied with 2 premium headrests for even more relaxation.

Regular use of your hot tub, say in the morning before work, and in the evening before bed will aid in giving a productive day and a relaxing night’s sleep, along with other health benefits that regular use can give.

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Hard Water Treatment System

Unlike a lot of the hot tubs on the market this 28439e Greywood deluxe 4 person inflatable hot tub also features a hard water treatment system that will reduce calcium build up in your unit, therefore, giving your spa a longer life.

This will also soften and condition the spa water so that it is gentler on your skin and clothes, making your hot tub experience all the more enjoyable.


This Intex 4 person hot tub has a fiber-tech interior that offers superior structural stability along with the ultimate comfort and support that you would expect.

The patented fiber-tech interior beams in this Intex hot tub will make the tub walls extremely rigid without the risk of them bending or collapsing, even when sat on, yes, that solid even though it is an inflatable.

That and the extremely durable and puncture-resistant 3 ply laminated material used for the exterior all adds up to a hot tub that is a great investment and will last you for years to come.

Heating System

The heating system is once again run by the multi-purpose pump unit and has a temperature range of 50 to 104F (10 to 40C) with this range you will not fail in finding the temperature to suit your personal requirements.

You can easily control the heat along with the bubble jets for your massage at the touch of a button by using the wireless digital control panel that is conveniently placed for use while in the hot tub, so no having to get out and run round to turn the temperature up should you start to feel chilly.

Filtration system

It is recommended that you run the filtration system if you do not use your tub frequently as still water can be dangerous water. This system will recycle the water through the filter cartridge that is supplied, collecting any contaminants that may be in the water thus helping to keep your spa pristine clean and sparkling.

This filtration system has a 460 gallon per hour flow rate (1,741L) that ensures any dirt is collected, but along with this you will need to use the sanitizing chemicals, a chemical floater is included with the tub in which to place your chlorine or desired sanitizer.


This is a 4 person inflatable spa, ideal for 2 if you like to stretch out. The diameter is 77 inches (1.96M) external and 56 inches (1.45M) internal by 28 inches (71cm) in height.

The water capacity is 210 gallons (795L) and the heating system will heat at approx 2-3F per hour (1-1.5C) with a temperature range of 50-104F (10-40C).

It features 140 air jets with a bubble air blower of 1.1hp/110-120v and has a flow rate of 460 gallons per hour (1.741L).


This Intex 4 person inflatable spa offers superior structural stability, is of high quality, and gives all the comfort and luxury you could ask for. With all the features it has, including the brilliant multi-colored LED light to set the mood and the two headrests that are included, it is great value for money.