What Size Pex for Shower Installation is Needed

Nowadays, some people tend to avoid PEX as they think that it can lead to potentially toxic materials leaking into your water.

However, there are currently no studies that back these theses, and we have vast experience with PEX and installing it in our showers. While you may be scared of terms like bisphenol, MTBE, and TBA, most PEXes are BPA-free nowadays.

Pex Pipe and Fittings Characteristics

Pipe sizes are followed by two numbers. The first number is the bore of the pipe and the second is the outside diameter of the pipe. The lower number will always be smaller than or equal to, but never larger than, the upper number.

Pex pipes come in three different size categories:

  • 1/8 inch Pex Pipe: These pipes are great for supply lines that supply water to a single fixture or appliance.
  • ½-inch Pex Pipe: These pipes are ideal for supplying water to a dishwasher and bathroom fixtures such as a sink and toilet.
  • 3/4-inch Pex Pipe: These pipes should be used for supplying hot and cold water to showers, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers, and other fixtures that require more water pressure or more volume

What Size Pex For Shower Do You Need?

As you can see above, the perfect size for your new shower would be a 3-inch pex pipe. In our experience, 3-inch pex has better durability than smaller versions, especially if you like long hot showers. In some cases, like RV shower booths, outdoor booths, or seldom-used showers, you can use smaller PEX fittings.

If you are replacing copper plumbing, the rule of the thumb is to upsize the pex one size so it can flow the same as the copper. For example, ¾ pex will replace ½ copper pipe.

One another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that most the newer showerheads are limited to 2.5 GPM or less, so you really don’t need anything larger than ¾ pex pipes. And on top of that, there is almost no difference in cost.

How To Install PEX Tubing For Your Shower?

We created a step by step video that you can find below. Learn how to install pex for your shower in under one hour.

One of the benefits of using PEX tubing is that it is an easy-to-install solution.

It is free of copper, lead, and other potentially harmful substances. Installing PEX tubing in your home can be done by a novice with some basic tools and some research on the internet.

Below we have compiled some tips for pex installation:

When installing pex tubing for a shower, make sure you do the following:

  1. Measure out the lengths of PEX tubing required for your installation by using a measuring tape.
  2. Use PEX fittings that are compatible with the size and type of pipe you are using.
  3. Make sure you have enough PEX tubing to connect all fittings together
  4. Mark both ends of the pipes before cutting them with a marker
  5. Connect your PEX to the valve (the valve must fit the size of PEX obviously)

If you need any more information on how to install PEX for your indoor or outdoor shower feel free to comment below!