What is Common Problems With Hot Tub Pumps

When it comes to hot tub pumps, it is important to understand that the motor and the pump are two of the hardest working mechanical components in the entire hot tub or spa. They are designed to keep the water heated, regulated and filtered.

By continuously circulating the water in the spa, the pump is able to efficiently and effectively heat the water at different temperatures.

Hot Tub Pump Packed

Moreover, a hot tub pump in certain hot spas and tubs are designed to effectively pull in water through the attached filter in order to eliminate the amalgamation of grime and debris, separating the water from dirt.

The Dynamics Of A Hot Tub Pump Motor

Before diving right into the most common spa pump complications that people face and you may face as well, it is vital to reflect a little on how the pump attached your spa or hot tub works.

A majority of motor pumps fitted inside a hot spa or hot tub are designed to just pump water inside of the tub while retaining some of it inside the pump itself irrespective of whether there is any water inside the tub or not.

As soon as you switch the power button for the motor, the pump will start to rotate at incredible speeds. While it is rotating at high speed, the motor begins to insert an impeller inside the pump’s diffuser – which is what causes the vacuum to be generated. This is what allows the machine to consistently maintain the flow of water throughout the hot tub or spa.

Knowing Whether Or Not The Pump Is Working

Because the pump is designed to be hidden inside the machine, it is important to have it check or inspect it yourself every two or three days.

When the pump starts to fill water at a slower pace or if you see dirt coming out in the tub, then it means there is debris stuck in the machine or the pump. However, it is a good idea to bring in professional to have a look at your hot tub.

Hot Tub Pump Disassembeled

6 Common Hot Tub Pump Motor Complications That You May Experience

Now that you know the central purpose of hot tub pump and motor, it is important to understand some general problems that people encounter:

The Pump Fails To Prime

When it comes to hot tub pump parts, it is always strongly recommended that you invest in a product that has easily accessible and available parts on the market.

A majority of hot tubs and spas have products designed with replaceable and easily available hardware and materials so that you don’t have to waste time finding different components and materials to install.

When the motor or pump in the hot tub fails to prime – you can forget that it will function optimally. Whenever you finish having a nice little soak in your hot tub or after you clean it, remember that there may still be a lot of air retained in the system. This is why it is vital that you completely drain all air out of the spa before using it again.

If it still does not prime, it is more than likely that dirt or debris may be stuck in it. Cleaning the pump is a good DIY project and is easy to do. Plus, you will not need any special kind of tools to do so.

Heating Issues

There may come a time where the heating system of your hot tub will begin to lose its effectiveness and efficiency. Now this can be due to a lot of technical reason, which is why as soon as you notice that the water isn’t heating as per your liking, you should immediately call in a specialist who knows how to maintain and repair hot tubs.

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Hot Tub Air Pump Issues

The air pump is a simplistic machine that is sent with the product that you purchase. The primarily functionality of the pump is that it quickly pumps air inside an inflatable hot tub or spa. If you see that isn’t blowing air at the same speed as it used to, there may something stuck inside the machine or there may even be an electrical issue.

Get it inspected by the company if the product is under warranty. If not, you can also take it to a local mechanical and electrical repairs workshop.

Hot Tub Pump Motor Jams

When it comes to hot tub pump repairs, you may at one time experience low-pressure buildup in the tub. If the water pressure is low, then it is quite possible that several components of the hot tub such as the water jets, the water pump and the skimmer basket will be clogged due debris or dirt buildup.

This is why it is important to clean these components every now and then. Maintaining a hot tub is a easy process and doesn’t take a lot of time.

The Motor Functions But Does Nothing

If the pump to drain the hot tub is too slow or the motor is circulating or filtering the water as it should be despite running, it is quite possible that the motor has a component damaged. On the other hand, even the impeller could be damaged.

However, if upon inspection you find that nothing is out of the ordinary, it may well be the internal components of the motor are shot, which mean you may have to buy a new motor.

Hot Tub Pump Inside Hot Tub

Water Leakage

At times, the hot tub pump will also leak a lot of water. This is a common problem, however, they aren’t that serious. The leakage may be the result of the o-rings being damaged. The rings are placed inside the pump. Moreover, if this isn’t the case, the hot tub pump motor may have leaky shaft, which can be tightened or replaced.

Bottom Line

Therefore, these are some frequently reported problems that you may experience with your hot tub pump in both hot tubs and spas and even inflatable tubs.