How Often Do You Need to Replace Hot Tub Filters

If you own a hot tub, you know that your filter is a pretty important component. Your hot tub is going to get sediment, dust and other particles in it – there is no way to avoid it. But the hot tub filter cleaner is designed to fix that.

The hot tub filter system removes debris and sediment from your Jacuzzi and a hot tub filter cleaner is absolutely vital to owning one. If you are going to have a hot tub you need to know things like how to clean hot tub filter systems. Cleaning hot tub filters is an unfortunately necessary part of hot tub maintenance.

Two mSpa Filters

But what if you need to replace your filter or the hot tub filter cover for it? A replacement hot tub cover for your filter isn’t expensive but a new filtration system can be. But how can you tell when you need to replace your hot tub filter?

According to Blair Osborn & Alice Cunningham, who own the oldest hot tub retail outlet in Seattle, you should change your filter every 2 or 3 years, or five on some models. But there are ways that you can tell so that you don’t replace it too early or too late.

The Hot Tub Filter

The hot tub filter is a device that maintains clean water for you. When you want to use your hot tub, you don’t want sediment and dust particles in your water while you are soaking. You want your water to be as clean as possible and that’s where a filter comes in.

The hot tub filter usually sits on the side of the tub or is built in and runs continuously (on and off) to remove stuff from the water and then return clean water.

Basic Hot Tub Filter

They do have to be cleaned occasionally, because they collect all that stuff at the filter which needs to be replaced or maintained, and sometimes you have to replace your entire filter. That’s what this article is about – knowing when you have to replace yours. Here are the standard features of a hot tub filter.


Generally, there isn’t a list of similar features that spa filters have because they are usually built in with the spa itself. I will say that you often have to replace the filter on your hot tub filtration system regularly. In fact, according to spa and hot tub blogger ‘The Cover Guy’ you should replace your filter at least once every year.

Four Spa Filters

5 Filter Facts

There are five things that you want to look for to determine whether or not you are going to need to replace your filter. We will go over them one by one here:

  • If you bought the hot tub used you need to replace the filter. Let’s be honest, you don’t know what the previous owner may have done in the hot tub and if the filter is clogged and full you are going to have their skin cells and other contaminants floating around in your clean water.
  • If the spa filter is the color of a brown bag or another weird color like grey or green, you probably need to replace it. If it stays yellow even after you clean it, it is used up and you need to replace it before you use your spa again. These are all warnings signs that your filter is no longer doing its job and that means that you are climbing into dirty water when you use your spa.
  • If the filter is damaged in any way, then you are going to need to replace it. The problem is, a damaged filter doesn’t filter properly. All of the items coming into the filter that are supposed to be caught by it are just escaping again. Also, when you have a filter that has been in use for a while and you see that it is cracked or damaged, then all of the stuff that is supposed to be trapped in that filter is going to come out and contaminate your water.
  • Next, take a look at your filtering element, which has the pleating. If you notice the pleating starting to flatten or it no longer has the sheen that comes from the fibers covering it, then you need to replace your filter. This means that you have been using it for a long time and it is no longer working properly.
  • Finally, take a look at the hot tub filter element again and check to see if there are any shredded edges or if it starting to lose its integrity. If your element is starting to fall apart then you have been using that filter for too long and you need to replace it in order to filter your water effectively.

My Recommendation

Rather than recommending a particular filter, which is impossible because they are all designed to fit only in whatever spa they are made for, I am going to recommend a particular hot tub.

The Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa With 12 Jets is one of the best plug-n-play spas out there and it is perfect for a couple or a small to medium sized family.

Filter 3 Pack

What is great about this spa is that you can set up your own filtration system which means that you get a choice when it comes to how much you want to spend on filters and what kind of filtration you want.

Often, you are stuck with whatever your hot tub takes but that’s not the case here. That’s why I have no problem recommending this to replace whatever you currently have. This spa has great reviews and an even better price.