Top Reasons for Your Shower Door Leakage Issue and Possible Solutions

Shower enclosures are becoming trendy these days because they retain dryness and show cleanliness on the bathroom floor while improving its design with elegance.

Glass shower doors keep the water inside the shower glass enclosure, and provide you with an easy-to-clean bathroom solution.

However, after investing in such an expensive item, what happens if the main purpose becomes worthless and the door starts leaking? Over time, water puddles and a gradual accumulation of moisture give rise to mold and mildew, which reflect a looking bathroom.

Though some people decide to replace the leaking enclosure with a custom glass shower door, many people do not bear the shower door replacement cost. So, there must be some cost-effective solution to the water leakage issue.

The good news is that you can solve shower door leakage with a simple and economic solution. Here, we will put some light on how to fix shower door leakage.

However, you have to know the cause of this issue.

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Top Reasons For Shower Door Leakage Problem

Whether it happens to a new shower enclosure or an old one, there can be one or several causes of shower enclosure leakage. The major reasons are:


The shower doors, whether frameless or framed, are sealed along the edges of the enclosure to make sure that water cannot find its way out of the enclosure. Even a tiny hole on the edges gradually lets moisture escape and makes things worse.


Shower sweeps are essential for frameless shower doors because they leave a significant amount of space below the glass door panel. Sweeps are attached to the glass door bottom to stop water splashes from coming out. 


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There exists a gap between the vertical edges of the frameless glass door and the glass stationary pane. So, the shower seals are installed on those vertical edges to prevent the water or moisture from escaping the enclosure. It is likely that your shower seals are broken or improperly installed.


The shower curb is the small portion that exists right at the bottom of the shower door when it is closed. The height of the shower curb never exceeds a couple of inches. As the name suggests, it curbs or restrains the water flow from coming out of the shower area. The curb should have a slope of around 5 degrees in such a way that the water drops come back inside the enclosure. 


Almost every framed shower door has a drain hole on the bottom edge of the frame only on the inside. The purpose of this hole is to provide a way for the water that enters the frame. Any blockage to the hole not only damages the frame but also may leak out over time.

So, these are the five big reasons, any of which may cause water leakage from the shower doors. Let’s throw some light on the possible solutions to the water leakage issue.

How To Fix A Shower Door Leakage Issue

It is too hard to track down the spot from where water puddles are forming outside the shower enclosure.


As stated earlier, there can be a single or multiple spots that may cause the leakage. First, it is vital to watch the enclosure from outside after opening the shower and see the water flow movement. Second, as water moves downward, it is quite possible too that water leaks from a somewhat higher spot than you may think.


Water may leak from both frameless and framed types of shower doors. However, frameless doors have more chances of water leak due to their design and structure and have several spaces for easy water leakage.

Suppose water leaks through the bottom of the shower glass door, the replacement of the shower door sweep is the ultimate solution.

On the other hand, a framed shower may corrode with time due to continuous water built up inside the metal frame or due to lack of maintenance. The use of quality and durable material is recommended to avoid the issue in the future. 

If you are still unable to spot why water leaks out of the shower area, you should ask professionals who have the proper tools to find the cause and location of the water leak.

It will save valuable time and money because the professional can quickly fix the issue properly. However, if your shower door has passed its average age, it is useless to repair or fix the water leakage issue. This is the right time for custom glass shower doors that you can order online and resolve the issue.

Final Note!

Shower door leakage is annoying to everybody but easily fixable when the solution is at hand.

Fixing the water leakage from an old shower glass enclosure is unyielding. You should replace the dead-looking enclosure with a brand new custom glass shower door and get rid of the leakage problem.

However, the leakage problem to your newly installed shower doors can be solved by applying caulk properly along the shower edges, filling the vertical gap between the glass with shower seals, and cleaning the framed shower door frequently to avoid dysfunctional water draining.