Why Hot Tubs Are Good For Your Health

Not only is it important to know how to clean a hot tub i’ts also great to know why there good for your health. If there’s ever been a good time to get into a hot tub, it’s now. There’s nothing quite like finding out that something very pleasurable is good for your health… like chocolate. But the benefits of hot tub use are great and certainly pleasurable.

So… if you’re wanting a good reason to kick back today and soak in a relaxing spa, then you’re in luck. Here we are going to take a look at the benefits of a hot tub and how they can be good for your health.

What are hot tub health benefits? 

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8 Reasons Hot Tubs Are Good For Your Health

Soaking in a tub is actually good for your health. Water therapy has been one of the most popular forms of keeping young, healthy, and thriving for centuries.

From the Japanese tradition of “onsen” (bathing) to Roman bath-houses, spending time soaking in a tub of water has long proved to be a sensational luxury to people of all cultures and generations and benefits of hot tub use is no different.

Add in the mix that in modern times, they have become technologically advanced, affordable, and commonplace among homeowners… which makes it easier than ever to unwind.

So next time you’re wondering whether or not you should spend some time soaking up that warmth, consider these 8 health hot tub benefits…

1. Hot Tubs Can Elevate Your Mood

Hot Tubs Can Elevate Your Mood

This one seems pretty obvious… Who doesn’t feel good by getting into a nice, cozy spa? so this is top of our hot tub benefits. A study was done by psychologist Neil Morris (in which he studied 80 people) which looked at how they can affect your mood.

From the 80 people surveyed, he found that hot tubs “diminished feelings of depression and pessimism”. From his research, he found that the feeling of being submerged into a warm body of water actually brings us a similar feeling of being in the womb, pre-birth, which is rather comforting.

There you have it! Hot tubs actually create a feeling of ease and comfort, allowing your body and mind to relax while elevating your overall mood. Check out our best hot tub accessories for the ultimate relexation experience.

2. They Decrease Anxiety And Stress

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard not to get stressed out so this has made second place onto our hot tubs health benefits.

With everyone scurrying about to their 9 to 5’s every day, being jolted awake by a nasty alarm, rushing out the door, speeding through the morning commute (with potential rush-hour traffic), while still managing a home and family life after work – it’s difficult to stay in peace.

Between the demands of a boss and a family, and everything in between, in order to stay sane, you need to have some way to de-stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to just let it all go and reset while enjoying the benefits of a hot tub? You can do exactly that with the perfect inflatable model.

While improving your overall mood, hot tubs also help to de-stress and relieve anxiety.

Multiple studies have shown that hydrotherapy is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety while improving your overall psychological state and is one of the great health benefits.

Before leaving for work in the morning, if you can squeeze in even 10 minutes, it will set you on a smooth path to sail through the rest of your workday. Or, if you don’t have time in the morning, take 10-15 minutes after work, in the evening, to unwind.

Combining the soothing warm water and relaxing jets can double down on taking you into a perfectly relaxed state, allowing you to forget about the non-stop rush of demands that your workday demands.

3. You’ll Sleep Much Better

You’ll Sleep Much Better

Do you ever have trouble sleeping?

Next on our list of jacuzzi benefits, we say jacuzzi because they are one of the same thing, just like spa benefits, they are all mean the same so it doesn’t matter what you call them the health benefits do not change.

If you’re like most people, it’s one of the most challenging aspects of daily living. In the fast-paced world, we live in, with our 9 to 5’s – combined with the continuous ringing of our smartphones and indulgent screen time, our minds are constantly being stimulated.

So the health benefits of hot tubs are that they are able to take your body into a state of relaxation that is necessary to get a good night’s sleep. With just the right temperature you might get what 1000s in Therapy fees couldn’t. A peaceful slumber.

Most of the time, difficulty getting to sleep has a lot to do with overthinking and trying to “shut the brain off” from the thoughts of our day.

Dipping into a spa allows the mind and body to become relaxed which essentially takes away the constant firing of brain cells in order to get a good sleep putting it as another one of our top benefits of spa use.

Try not to get in right before bed though, as the body needs to be slightly cooler to get a good night’s rest. It’s best to hop in a few hours before sleeping. Try to be out at least an hour before you fall asleep to give your body time to cool down again.

4. Help Relieve Your Muscle Pain

Help Relieve Your Muscle Pain

If you deal with back pain, neck pain, or just about any pain in your body, then you’ll be amazed at how easily a hot tub can take away those body aches. We are sure that there are plenty of you out there that will really appreciate this hot tub benefit.

Allowing your body to heat up increases blood flow (which improves circulation), and allows sore and tight muscles to relax. If you sit in a chair for most of the day at your office or wake up with neck and back pain from a night of bad sleep, then taking 15 minutes to relax in one will allow your tight muscles to loosen up.

It’s also perfect for athletes and those that work out frequently who are dealing with stiffness and tight muscles from exercise. Rather than going right for pharmaceutical pain relievers, soak in the spa for a while. It offers up one of the most effective (and natural) pain relievers known to man.

5. Hot Tubs Burn Calories

Hot Tubs Burn Calories

Could this really be one of the health benefits of hot tubs? Yes… You can have your hot tub and lose weight too…

A researcher at Loughborough University, Steve Faulkner conducted a study about hot tubs and hot tub benefits and found some stunning results. He discovered that a soaking session burned as many calories as a mild, 30-minute walk.

It was found that a 150-pound person can (on average) burn about 17 calories by relaxing in a hot tub for just 15 minutes. You won’t necessarily start shedding dozens of pounds by soaking in your tub once a week, but it is one of the easiest ways to shed some extra calories – keeping you in shape throughout the week.